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7 COVID ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Came True in 2021

Thomas Lambert

January 4, 2022

Over the last year, governments, media entities, and useful idiots unified in their collective slander of anyone who can put two and two together, labelling everything off message as a conspiracy theory. This happened consistently throughout 2021, even as governments laid the groundwork to implement the very policies they claimed were risible ‘conspiracy theories.’

Retrospectively, it almost seemed like a war against critical thinking.

To illustrate this, here are seven so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ from 2021 that turned out to be absolutely true.

The vaccine will not reduce transmission or end the pandemic.

Everyone remembers back in late 2020 when pharmaceutical companies released preliminary data touting the efficacy of vaccines, specifically regarding the vaccine’s capacity to reduce transmission.

That was the selling point: get the vaccine; it’s 97 per cent effective at reducing transmission. If enough people get the vaccine, the virus simply won’t be able to spread anymore.

Unfortunately, as many ‘conspiracy theorists’ predicted, it was all a lie.

The video below more than illustrates the lie’s unravelling.

The vaccine is not safe.

“Safe and effective.” That’s been the line ever since Anthony Fauci started his nearly daily cable news tour to shill big pharma back when this all started. Critics of the vaccine — people who actually read the data and don’t just listen and believe the TV people — repeatedly pointed out the absence of long-term studies on the effects of the vaccine and the short-term evidence that suggest seriously dangerous side effects, particularly regarding blood clots and heart problems.

In response, the media quickly maligned concerned citizens, labelling them anti-vaxxers for questioning the narrative, all while governments began work on introducing policies to compel citizens to get a vaccine which they weren’t allowed to examine.

The only problem is that the conspiracy theories were correct, and there are several risks associated with COVID vaccines, including death, myocarditis, Bell’s Palsy, anaphylaxis, and paralysis.

Incidents of such side effects have become so prevalent that some governments have been forced to admit to the dangers, and the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System even broke 1,000,000 reports of adverse reactions and over 20,000 reports of death in the US alone.

Meanwhile, in Europe, videos of soccer players dropping like flies on the field while clutching their chests have exploded on social media.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that warrants a total recall of COVID vaccines, the media and government not only continue to advocate inoculation with COVID vaccines but actively discriminate against anyone who dares to speak out.

You will lose your job if you don’t get the vaccine.

Vaccine mandates are yet another policy that conspiracy theorists predicted with seemingly clairvoyant accuracy. 

‘Surely, governments wouldn’t allow businesses to discriminate against people based on their medical status,’ people cried. ‘Surely, the federal government wouldn’t mandate the vaccine for civil servants and those in the public sector. That would go against people’s human rights. Aren’t protecting human rights what the West is all about?’

Nope. Not anymore. The governments of the West clearly don’t give a damn about your human rights or your bodily autonomy.

In fact, some countries, such as Austria, have made vaccine mandates a matter of federal policy, not just for workers but for all adult citizens, threatening hefty fines and jail time for anyone who doesn’t go along with their tyranny.

In Canada, most public health figures and politicians have mostly dropped the façade that COVID is a severe threat in terms of deaths and now claim that it’s about ‘not overwhelming our health care system.’ However, the vaccine mandate, which is meant to save the health care system by twisting the arms of Canadians into getting vaccinated, is actually leading to the very collapse politicians supposedly want to avoid, as over 10,000 medical staff in Ontario alone have been forced out of their jobs, either temporarily or permanently, for refusing the jab.

Obviously, this is not about saving the health care system or people’s health. It’s about compliance.

Vaccine passports are inevitable.

Another ‘conspiracy theory’ people were laughed at for suggesting in 2020 and 2021 is the implementation of nationwide vaccine passport systems.

Yet, even as vaccine passports were being rolled out in major cities and conspiracy theorists were being vindicated once again, mainstream outlets like the Windsor Star were pumping out articles trying to delegitimize citizens’ legitimate outrage over the government’s transparent power grab. They even went so far as to say it’s silly to oppose it and ridiculous to think anything nefarious is going on.

Some media outlets now claim the passport is only temporary, while most outlets and governments call it the ‘new normal.’ For once, the world’s governments are siding with the conspiracy theorists; though, one party is clearly happier about the development than the other.

The Wuhan lab leak theory is probable.

Remember back when your friend, who spends too much time on the internet, was being called a racist by TV hosts for suggesting the virus originated from a Wuhan lab? Do you remember when people were being encouraged to go out and hug an Asian because the virus isn’t serious, and it definitely didn’t come from China?

Yeah, that was a bunch of bull. It is now the mainstream and mostly accepted belief that COVID-19 originated in a lab in Wuhan where scientists leaked it, whether intentionally or not.

The Lab-Leak Theory of COVID’s Origin Is Not Totally Irrational,” one headline from September 2021 reads.

Question the ‘lab leak’ theory. But don’t call it a conspiracy,” reads another from November 2021.

I guess it only took them over a year to catch up with what conspiracy theorists were claiming in January 2020.

The Omicron variant is not dangerous.

In late 2021, after the successful Delta variant fear campaign, globalists around the world geared up to release their next totally legitimate reason to suppress people’s rights: the very spooky Omicron variant.

By this point, many, not just conspiracy theorists, were wizening up to the game being played and didn’t fall for it. However, it still wasn’t enough for a mass rejection of lockdowns or vaccine passports and mandates, as many dutifully lined up to get their booster shots like lambs to the slaughter.

Still, the media’s fear campaign has been significantly less effective, as many predicted it would be given the overwhelmingly unthreatening nature of the Omicron variant.

If you were paying attention, this would have been obvious as the doctor responsible for discovering the variant was adamant about the mildness of the strain and condemned the media’s reaction.

“Looking at the mildness of the symptoms that we are seeing, currently there is no reason for panicking, as we don’t see severely ill patients,” explained Dr. Angelique Coetzee in an interview with Reuters.

“I also checked with the hospitals, some of the hospitals in my area, and one of the biggest hospitals that have one patient currently that’s COVID positive on a ventilator, and they don’t even know whether it’s COVID or whether it’s Delta, or whether it is Omicron related.”

“We acknowledge that it might change going forward,” Coetzee continues, “but the hype that’s been created out currently out there in the media and worldwide doesn’t correlate with the clinical picture. And it doesn’t warrant to just cut us off from any travelling and ban South Africa as if we are the variants in the whole process.”

“It should not be like that.”

Fortunately, assuming people continue to wake up to the lies en masse, there may be an end in sight, as South Africa, where the variant was discovered, has already returned to normal, and epidemiologists in Denmark have declared Omicron to be the closing point of the pandemic, promising a return to normal life.

With that said, given all the pandemic infrastructure that has been created over the last two years, one might be a little more skeptical and suspect some bait and switch at play. After all, how could they not press on with the precedent that’s been set and the compliance that’s been obtained?

But then, I’m sure that’s just a conspiracy theory, too.

COVID vaccine microchips are coming soon

This is the big one. The conspiracy to end all other conspiracies. The one we can for sure laugh the conspiracy theorists out of the room for believing.

But, once again, as with the others, the conspiracy theorists were right over a year before the media finally admitted that microchipping people like animals as part of the vaccine passport system is definitely going to be a thing.

In Sweden, many have been quick to adopt the vaccine passport microchip, with the government and media arguing over its convenience when a vaccine passport is needed to go almost anywhere.

Meanwhile, UK outlets are claiming that COVID vaccine microchips are coming “whether we like it or not.”

Sounds ominous to me. But, hey, it’s just a conspiracy theory — until it’s not.

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