Al Gore and Google’s Climate TRACE Coalition to track global carbon emissions  

Dan Fournier

December 14, 2022

Google and Al Gore are funding a new initiative to independently track greenhouse gas emissions using satellite data and artificial intelligence technology. 

Google & Al Gore's Climate TRACE Coalition to track global carbon emissions  
Google & Al Gore’s Climate TRACE Coalition to track global carbon emissions.

The Climate TRACE coalition, launched in July 2020, includes more than 100 organizations collaborating to analyze 60 terabytes of satellite and climate-related data. 

According to the Society of Environmental Journalists, the data used did not come from “climate maven Al Gore” but from “more than 100 collaborators [who] have compiled the data from some 300 satellites and 11,000 sensors.”

A quick look at the project’s about page does, conspicuously, confirm that five out of six of their funders are associated with the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

They include, Schmidt Futures (founded by Eric Schmidt, former Alphabet/Google CEO), Al Gore, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, and Generation Investment Management

In addition, project contributor TransitionZero is also highly connected to the WEF via CEO Matt Grey. 

At the recent COP27 event held in Egypt during a Nov. 9 side event, Al Gore made a noticeably jittery doomsday-like climate alarmist presentation which introduced Climate TRACE as a tool to bring “clarity as to why we must reduce these emissions.” 

A related NPR article echoes Gore’s sentiment, adding that the “new global tracker is helping to make clear exactly where major greenhouse gas emissions are originating [from]” through the coalition’s interactive map

The Climate TRACE’s website claims to share how they calculate emissions for each sector in their inventory, yet the ‘Download Data and Methodology’ link fails to produce said documents.

The Counter Signal has contacted the coalition about this notable omission, but has yet to receive a reply. 

Dr. Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at M.I.T., told The Counter Signal that “the [Climate TRACE] methodology seemed okay, but, given that the role of CO2 is greatly exaggerated, there seems little point to the monitoring except to add teeth to the implementation of a false narrative.” 

Dr. Lindzen made headlines in 2017 when he penned a letter addressed to President Trump signed by over 300 scientists asserting that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but actually helpful to the environment

The NPR article also stated that Gore said Climate TRACE would serve as a “more reliable and accurate alternative to companies self-reporting their emissions estimates.” The former American vice president and climate activist also said, “cheating is impossible with this artificial intelligence method, because they would have to somehow falsify multiple sets of data.” 

Currently, about 72,000 “major emitter” sites are tracked, but Gore seeks to up that count to millions by 2023. 

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