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BREAKING: Tamara Lich denied bail

Mike Campbell

July 8, 2022

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich was denied bail today after allegedly breaching her bail conditions two weeks ago.

Tamara Lich denied bail
Tamara Lich denied bail

The crown alleged that Lich broke her bail conditions when she briefly spoke with Tom Mazarro — someone she was instructed not to talk with as a condition of her bail — while attending a sold-out gala hosted by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms where she was awarded the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award.

Her lawyer argued that — as permitted via her bail conditions — that lawyers were present at the award ceremony, making the 3-second interaction with Mazarro permissible. Mazarro also sat at her table, where her lawyers were as well.

Last week, Crown prosecutor Moiz Karimjee conceded he didn’t know all of the lawyers who were present at the award ceremony — even though their presence would have implied Lich didn’t break her bail. 

Last week, Lich showed up to her hearing over zoom because she allegedly refused to provide a negative Covid test as a condition of appearing in person before appearing in person today.

As previously reported, just before Canada Day, Lich was re-arrested in her hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta, for breaching her bail conditions.

As per the bail conditions, “You are not to log on to social media or post any messages on social media. … You are not to allow anyone else to post messages on Social Media on your behalf or indicate your approval for any future protests so long as this release order is in place… You are not to engage in organization or promotion of anti-COVID 19 mandate activities and Freedom Convoy activities … You are not to verbally, or in writing, financially, or by any other means, support anything related to the Freedom Convoy. …”

“The violation of a bail condition can result in a fine, imprisonment, or both.”

All of this is for mischief charges incurred while fighting for Canadians’ rights and freedoms.

She will now remain in prison until the trial on her breach charge.

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