Canadians fled the country in massive numbers during lockdowns

TCS Wire

March 30, 2022

Statistics Canada reported 55,935 emigrations from Canada in 2021, up 291.5 per cent from the prior year as Canadians fled Trudeau’s authoritarian lockdowns.

Ontario, BC, and Quebec, arguably the most oppressive provinces during the pandemic, are the worst for emigration in 2021, with 25,108 Canadians leaving Ontario, 11,280 leaving BC, and 8,037 leaving Quebec.

As Dr. Kulvinder Kaur, co-founder of Concerned Ontario Doctors, notes, “According to Statistics Canada, emigration out of Canada [in the last quarter] in 2021 was at an approximately 50 year historic high. During [the] last quarter of 2021, emigration out [of Canada] increased 215 per cent from [the] year prior, with [an] estimated 56,000 [approximately] residents moving out of Canada in 2021. The most draconian Province of Ontario had the highest emigration out.”

“Canada, unlike the rest of the world, violates basic human rights and forbids its OWN citizens from leaving unless [the] Trudeau government deems them “fully vaccinated.”

“I can’t fathom how much higher these emigration numbers would be if citizens had freedom of movement, a basic universal human right.”

Indeed, despite the vaccine passport and mask mandates ending across the country, Trudeau’s federal policies are still in place, ensuring unvaccinated Canadians cannot board a train, plane, or ferry and are effectively trapped in the de facto prison that Trudeau has created.

It should also be noted that while Canadian citizens are leaving the country in droves, Trudeau is replacing them at a staggering rate, breaking all prior records for immigration.

“To support Canada’s post-pandemic recovery and chart a more prosperous future, the Government of Canada set a target of welcoming 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, as part of the 2021–2023 Immigration Levels Plan,” a new release from the Canadian government reads.

“The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, today announced that Canada has reached its target and welcomed more than 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021. Surpassing the previous record from 1913, this is the most newcomers in a year in Canadian history.”

As The Counter Signal reported, most immigrants came from China, India, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Thus, while Canadians flee their own country due to their own government’s tyranny, those also living under tyrannical governments are fleeing to Canada. But it isn’t clear if they know what they’re signing up for.

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