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CTV deletes and edits headline admitting pandemic of the vaccinated

Keean Bexte

January 7, 2022

On January 6, CTV News changed its article and headline after journalists accidentally admitted that the recent spike in cases in Canada is mainly in the vaccinated population, which suggests a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Initially, the headline read, “WATCH: Vaccinated now outnumber the unvaccinated in Calgary hospitals…”

Apparently, somebody up top didn’t like that, though, and it was quickly changed to “Vaccinated hospital patients outpace the unvaccinated, but it doesn’t mean the shots don’t work: experts.”

“Numbers showing the majority of Alberta’s COVID-19 hospital admissions are in vaccinated individuals don’t tell the entire story, regardless of what some conspiracy theorists believe,” CTV News journalist Timm Bruch writes. 

Conspiracy theorists? Do you mean the people who have looked at the data and made accurate predictions for two years straight? Indeed, this is a tacit admission that the conspiracy theorists were right at least on one point: the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission and will not end the pandemic.

“Albertans with at least one shot took over more hospital beds than those without this week,” Bruch continues.

“But the raw numbers are incomplete, and a dive into the data shows being vaccinated may be more important now than ever before.”

“As of Thursday, 217 unvaccinated Albertans were in hospital with COVID-19, compared to 282 patients with at least one shot.”

He goes on to elucidate the data in terms of hospitalizations per capita for each group, vaccinated and unvaccinated, arguing that even if more vaccinated people are in the hospital overall, more unvaccinated are per 100,000.

He uses Alberta as an example. However, in Ontario, the story is different.

Not only do the vaccinated represent the majority of hospitalizations, but they also represent the vast majority of new cases and are roughly equal in terms of infections per capita.

As CP24 wrote yesterday, “Ontario labs confirmed 13,339 new cases of the virus today but with limited test capacity being reserved exclusively for select groups… The new cases today involve 1,797 who are unvaccinated, 452 who are partially immunized, 10,648 fully vaccinated Ontarians, and 442 with an unknown vaccination status.”

Eleven thousand one hundred fully or partially vaccinated to 1,797 unvaccinated cases.

According to the COVID-19 Tracker Canada, 82.818 per cent of all people in Ontario have received at least one dose, and 77.256 per cent of all people in Ontario are fully vaccinated; thus, 17.182 per cent remain unvaccinated in the province at the time of writing.

If this were proportional, we would see roughly 8,661 fully or partially vaccinated cases — instead, we see a disproportionate number.

Thus, in Ontario, at least, it is truly a pandemic of the vaccinated.

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