Fight breaks out over gender ideology at Aldergrove, BC community event
No charges have been laid.

Mike Campbell

July 19, 2023

Chaos erupted in an Aldergrove, BC parking lot on July 15 between a group opposed to indoctrinating kids with gender ideology and a local passerby. 

Fight breaks out over gender ideology at Aldergrove, BC community event. Photo credit: Freedom Party of British Columbia

The Freedom Party of British Columbia (FPBC), a political party that formed earlier this year, set up an information booth in the parking lot outside the Aldergrove Fair.

“We were informing people about SOGI 123 [pro-trans educational material] in schools,” said FPBC leader Amrit Birring. “Most of the parents already knew about it and don’t like it a bit. They just don’t know what to do about it. That’s where we come in.” 

FPBC members had signs that opposed childhood indoctrination of “transgenderism” in schools, including the “sexualization” of children. 

However, the demonstration turned violent when an FPBC member allegedly heckled an individual who was walking by with her spouse and child. 

Passerby Brandi Mcneil declined to allow comment on the incident.

According to Birring, Mcneil initiated the verbal confrontation and was chasing people around, slapping phones out of hands, and spitting on people. The Counter Signal has not seen medical documentation confirming that Mcneil’s nose was broken.

Video footage released by the FPBC shows a shirtless Mcneil attacking some of their members.

“Fight me, fight me,” Mcneil said at one point to FPBC member Kristopher Maya, who is heard in the video self-identifying as gay. Mcneil then lunged at Maya, trying to land punches and kicks.

Police have assigned a case number to the incident, and paramedics were on scene. 

August 8, 2023 – This article was updated to include comment from Brandi Mcneil.

August 9, 2023 This article was updated to remove comment from Brandi Mcneil, as requested.

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