Guilbeault embarrasses himself while gate crashing Pierre Poilievre’s convention

TCS Wire

September 8, 2023

Liberal Climate Change Minister spoke outside the Conservative convention where he was grilled by independent reporters for his hypocritical treatment towards Canada while cozying up to China, a country that emits 98% more emissions than his own.

“Steven Guilbeault ordered 3 RCMP officers to be his body guards while he gatecrashed the Conservative convention. Ministers do not usually get Prime Ministerial levels of protection, it is excessive and shows how afraid they are,” said The Counter Signal’s Keean Bexte.

Bexte asked Guilbeault if, during his recent trip to communist China, he said anything to them about their human rights abuses. 

Guilbeault said that he did, but refused to elaborate, then ignored Bexte’s follow up and asked other reporters for an easier question. Even the Conservative Party of Canada noted that Guilbeault refused to answer.

True North’s Andrew Lawton then asked Guilbeault why the carbon tax hasn’t stopped extreme events like wildfires and hurricanes — given that Guilbeault regularly claims that climate change is the cause of said events.

In response, Guilbeault suggested that it will take more time or more tax to make an impact.

“We won’t solve climate change overnight,” he said. 

Lawton also reminded Guilbeault that Canada emits less than 2% of the emissions than China does.

“Why are you content putting Canadians into poverty when it doesn’t even solve a global problem?” Lawton asked.

Guilbeault again refused to answer the question and then strangely lashed out at Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. 

Minister Rodriguez refuses question, like he once refused a breathalyzer

Bexte later caught up with Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, where the Minister refused to answer how much alcohol he had in his blood when he crashed his car in a Montreal neighbourhood, thirteen years ago.

At the time, Rodriguez was charged for refusing a breathalyzer, according to police documents reviewed by the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

Mr. Rodriguez had “lightly red eyes” after crashing his car. According to officers, he smelled of booze.

Rodriguez later said “Despite my attempts to blow into the device, which were not deemed satisfactory, a charge of refusing to co-operate was laid.” 

The police report stated that “Rodriguez breathed very weakly and cut his breath repeatedly, all the while holding the plastic tip at the edge of his lips,” as reported by Macleans. 

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