Motion 11: NDP hands Trudeau the power to shut down parliament

TCS Wire

May 4, 2022

NDP members voted in favour of the Liberal’s Motion 11, which effectively gives Liberals the power to avoid criticism from the opposition and shut down Parliament until September.

As a result of NDP members’ vote on Motion 11, Liberals can now present “without notice, a motion to adjourn the House until Monday, September 19, 2022… and that the said motion shall be decided immediately without debate or amendment.”

Conservatives are justly furious over the vote.

“Jagmeet Singh and the NDP have voted to give Justin Trudeau exactly what he wants: a Parliament that provides the Prime Minister with an audience, not an opposition,” reads a statement from the Conservative’s website.

“Not only did the NDP vote to shut down debate on Government Motion 11, but NDP Members voted to take away opposition parties’ ability to scrutinize the government by allowing the government to disrupt the work of Parliamentary committees.”

“In giving the Liberals the power to force the House to sit until midnight on any given day, several committee meetings will be cancelled.”

The Liberals say they have no intention of using the motion to limit debate, but conservatives disagree, stating that NDP’s decision effectively gives Trudeau a majority government that can now avoid tough questions on inflation, the “cost-of-living crisis,” or and of his many scandals.

Indeed, avoiding responsibility and accountability are not new concepts to Trudeau. For example, after feeling the intense backlash from his 2019 WE charity scandal — wherein Trudeau used the charity’s student program to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to his family — he subsequently shut down parliament to avoid questioning.

Currently, Trudeau is being lambasted over yet another ethics scandal related to his 2017 trip to Aga Khan’s private island, with Agan Khan paying $215,000 for Trudeau’s family trip. The ethics commission at the time deemed this a conflict of interest, and RCMP recently admitted they considered investigating Trudeau over it but held off.

Conservatives have been pressuring Trudeau to speak about his conflict of interest in the past week. But now Trudeau has a way to avoid any further questions on this recent scandal and any of his other many scandals.

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