Trudeau forced to cancel fundraiser over widespread outrage

TCS Wire

May 25, 2022

PM Justin Trudeau was forced to cancel a fundraiser in Surrey, BC, due to a large showing of protesters vehemently opposed to his very presence.

“Trudeau must go! Trudeau must go,” video captures protesters waving Canadian flags and chanting.

“F*ck Trudeau,” one protester shouts amidst the chanting after something unintelligible was said on a loudspeaker.

Ultimately, Trudeau was forced to cancel the in-person event, choosing to address attendees cowardly via Zoom. He subsequently said that he would return to Surrey in the future.

The Liberal Party later published a statement citing safety concerns, despite there being no evidence the crowd was in any way violent.

“Everyone participating in our democracy should feel safe and respected, and the safety of our supporters and guests will always be the Liberal Party of Canada’s top priority. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party will continue to engage with Canadians and share our positive plan to build a better country for everyone,” reads a statement from the Liberal Party sent to Daily Hive.

Others in the media further claimed that the crowd was racist towards Asian attendees because of course they did.

This marks the second time in 24 hours that Trudeau was set to make a speech and was met with passionate protests.

During a visit to Kamloops yesterday, Trudeau was outright told to leave by First Nations protesters who called Trudeau a “criminal.”

“Take your disrespect out of our tribe,” First Nations protesters chanted as Trudeau and his armed security detail tried to make their way through the crowd.

During his speech at Kamloops, protesters were so disruptive that Trudeau was forced to stop mid-sentence and address their anger.

“Today, we’re here to remember the L—” Trudeau began.

“You’re a criminal,” a First Nations protester interjected.

“You’re not welcome here,” another First Nations protester screamed as Trudeau attempted to continue.

“I hear your anger towards me. That’s fine,” Trudeau said, shaken. “But I’d ask you to respect your elders, please.”

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