Airplane crew member becomes incapacitated mid-flight 
Another week, another airline crew member becomes incapacitated.

Jeremiah Church

December 7, 2023

An Air Transat crew member became incapacitated on a November 20 flight from Toronto to the Dominican Republic, forcing a passenger onboard to replace them mid-flight.

Airplane crew member becomes incapacitated mid-flight 

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) did not indicate if the crew member was a pilot or not.

“A flight crew member became incapacitated approximately 3 hours into the flight,” the TSB reported, as per the Aviation Herald. 

The Air Transat Airbus A330-200 had 299 individuals on board the aircraft, and was over the Atlantic Ocean when the crew member became incapacitated.  

The emergency passenger, who was a commercially qualified pilot, helped proceed to Punta Cana where the crew safely landed the plane without injuries.   

Pilot suffers seizure on approach for landing

Last week, an American Airlines flight from Paris to Philadelphia Pennsylvania reported a pilot incapacitation.  On final approach, the first-officer suffered a seizure, with the report saying he, “…became unconscious extending his legs in a cramp so that the legs became jammed under the rudder pedals.”  

Two minutes prior to landing, the captain reported to the tower that they required medical assistance on landing.  

According to the Aviation Herald, a relief pilot and the purser had to physically remove the first officer from his seat, to which the relief pilot then assisted the captain in the landing and taxi.

Global Aviation Union alleged mass vaccine injuries in 2022

The Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC) called for an end to vaccine mandates for pilots worldwide in 2022, alleging a disturbing number of vaccine injuries, of which many resulted in death.

“The undersigned pilot advocacy groups, scientists and doctors are hearing daily from vaccine-injured airline pilots. These harms include cardiovascular issues, blood clots, neurological and auditory issues, to name just a few,” the statement read. 

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