Our Editor-In-Chief, Keean Bexte, has been unjustly detained and charged by the police.

Keean is under fire simply for exercising his right to free speech, asking the critical questions Albertans need answers to. 

Bexte remains undeterred, and will continue to cover the Alberta election despite political attempts to censor and arrest him. However, he urgently needs a legal defence.

The Counter Signal is on the front lines, battling against the billion-dollar leviathan, CBC and their friends Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley, to ensure the truth prevails in the Alberta election. 

As an independent news outlet that doesn’t accept a penny from the government, we rely on the collective power of individuals like you. Your support is vital in our mission to crowdfund our election coverage and provide Bexte with the legal defence he deserves.

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Or you can also help by sending:

  • e-transfers to
  • Cheques made out to “The Counter Signal” and mailed to PO Box 34099, Westbrook PO, Calgary, AB, T3C 3W2, Canada

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