Bernier vies to give PPC voice in Parliament, announces byelection bid
PPC leader Maxime Bernier aims for federal seat in Parliament

Mike Campbell

May 12, 2023

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier announced he’s running for a federal seat in Parliament through a bid for Manitoba’s Portage-Lisgar byelection.

Bernier vies to give PPC voice in Parliament, announces byelection bid

The byelection was prompted when Conservative MP Candice Bergen stepped away from politics in February, who previously represented Portage-Lisgar.

Bergen won the 2021 riding, with PPC coming second at the time with 22% of the vote.

“We have here right now a special opportunity,” Bernier said on Friday.  “The opportunity to jumpstart a much needed political revolution in our country.”

“And adding a badly needed true conservative voice to the House of Commons,” he said. 

Bernier further said Canada is being ruined by woke politics that the Conservatives are too afraid to speak up against. 

Bernier on gender ideology

Gender ideology and drag queens are somehow normal in Canada, he said, because “the fake conservatives are too afraid” to take a stand.

“The radical left has been unopposed for too long and the impact that it has had on our culture is obvious,” he said.

Bernier was fiercely against vaccine mandates in Canada from the beginning, something that most Conservatives only came around on when the Freedom Convoy Protesters arrived in Ottawa, which was six months after the mandates were implemented.

Bernier’s criticism of Poilievre

Bernier noted how, early on in the pandemic, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre was harping on Trudeau to get more vaccines, instead of to stop medically coercing Canadians with a novel product — and one which Bernier said didn’t work as promised.

“With me being in parliament, I’ll be able to raise these issues,” he told The Counter Signal.

Bernier also said that he’s the only politician in Canada who is willing to say he’s against mass immigration. 

“We let in 500,000 immigrants per year in a country with 38 million people. That’s mass immigration,” he said.

Bernier ran in Quebec’s Beauce riding in 2019 and 2021, losing both times to the Conservatives. 

A date for the Portage-Lisgar byelection hasn’t been set.

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