Breaking: Calling drag queens “Groomers” not protected speech, judge rules

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ruled that referring to drag queens as “groomers” does not fall under Canada’s protected speech laws, setting up potential defamation lawsuits against anyone who uses the term. 

Breaking: Calling drag queens “Groomers” not protected speech, judge rules

The ruling comes in the case of Rainbow Alliance Dryden et al v. Webster, where Justice Nieckarz determined that such statements perpetuate harmful stereotypes and do not constitute expression on a matter of public interest.

Justice Nieckarz ruled that “It is reasonable to conclude that the suggestion that … drag performers are ‘groomers’, merely because of their sexual or performance identity, is defamatory.” 

The case involves a small-town Pride organization, Rainbow Alliance Dryden (RAD), and a local drag king, who filed a defamation action against Brian Webster, a Thunder Bay Facebook blogger. 

Egale Canada, a Trudeau-funded far-left organization, was part of the lawsuit against the defendant who called drag queens groomers.

Decision opens doors for defamation lawsuits

The judge’s decision allows the plaintiffs to proceed with their legal action against the defendant, and more importantly, effectively sets the stage for making it illegal to refer to men who wear lingerie and read books to children as “groomers.” 

The plaintiffs took Webster to court after he made a Facebook post, which was shared on a page with a substantial readership in northwestern Ontario, where he accused RAD of sexualizing children and recruiting them into the 2SLGBTQI community. 

The post triggered a wave of comments from the public, including accusations of pedophilia.

Justice Nieckarz rejected Webster’s anti-SLAPP motion, emphasizing that the expression did not relate to a matter of public interest, claiming it went beyond critique of a CBC article. 

“The Defendant’s comments went well beyond that, perpetuating hurtful myths and stereotypes about vulnerable members in our society. Webster’s argument that he was accusing the CBC of grooming has no merit based on a plain reading of the post,” Justice Nieckarz said.

The words in Webster’s post were deemed defamatory, implying that drag performers were manipulating children for pedophilic purposes. The court noted that accusing a group of individuals of being “groomers” is likely to cause serious harm to reputation.

Additionally, the court found that Webster could not avail himself of the defense of fair comment, as there was no factual basis for the allegation, and the statements were not recognizable as an opinion but as statements of fact. 

With the anti-SLAPP motion dismissed, the plaintiffs can now proceed with their legal action, marking a significant legal precedent against calling drag queens groomers in Canada. 

Gays against Groomers regularly condemns the indoctrination of children into Pride

A group on X called “Gays against Groomers” has over 400,000 followers, and regularly posts about the LGBT movement indoctrinating children. 

“It may be the first day of pride month, but there is NO PRIDE in the sexualization, indoctrination, and mutilation of children,” the group posted on June 1. 

They added, “The rainbow has been hijacked by activists who are using it as a shield to push a dangerous agenda onto your kids.” 

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