Calgary Stampede approves mealworm hotdogs

Calgary Stampede feeds people bugs

In a shocking decision, the Calgary Stampede has chosen to walk the globalist path and is allowing vendors to sell bugs for human consumption.

Calgary Stampede feeds people bugs
Calgary Stampede feeds people bugs

“Adventurous, daring, and spicy twists on traditional Stampede favourites, get ready to make some mouthwatering memories,” the Calgary Stampede New Midway Food page reads.

Included on the “mouthwatering” menu are a number of niche Asian fusion foods, such as Korean Squid Ink Corn Dogs, Unagi Sushi Tacos, Deep Fried Mochi, Bao Baos, and Korean BBQ Fries, along with several sugar-infused desserts sold by local vendors.

However, two vendors have boldly decided to sprinkle mealworms and crickets on hot dogs.

“All-Beef Meal Worm Hot Dog, made using mealworm protein, whole roasted mealworms, and beef, topped off with your favourite condiments (Meal Worms are high in protein and safe to eat),” a description reads for the “food” being sold by Superbooth.

“All-Beef Cricket Hot Dog, made using cricket protein, whole roasted crickets and beef, topped off with your favourite condiments (Crickets are high in protein and safe to eat),” reads the description for the Cricket Hot Dogs being sold by The Wurst & Burger Shack.

Selling bugs for human consumption isn’t the only thing new at the Calgary Stampede this year, though. Also on the docket is an 18+ drag queen show featuring communist trans performer Karla Marx.

Marx previously proclaimed they were “Calgary’s most naked drag queen” on their Instagram, which is full of revealing and racy photos. 

The event is scheduled to take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on July 17 and will also feature French drag queen Nicky Doll. 

Other drag performers in attendance include Lady Boom Boom, Cyril Cinder, The Coven, Valerie Hunt, Felicia Bonee, and Argintina Hailey-Lawrence. Tickets cost between $45 to $150 for the VIP meet and greet. 

“We’re excited to expand Stampede’s programming and bring some amazing international and local drag talent to the Stampede Midway,” said Stampede director of programming Kyle Russell. 

“We have an incredible lineup set to perform for what is sure to be a party in our iconic venue, Nashville North.”

Indeed, it appears like even Calgary Stampede isn’t immune from the ‘new normal’ and is fully embracing bug-eating and drag queens.

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