Canada braces for carbon tax hike

Keean Bexte

March 29, 2022

Canada is bracing for Trudeau’s impending carbon tax increase on April 1, while Alberta’s government debates a motion today to demand the federal government stop their climate insanity.

“I will be introducing a motion in Alberta’s legislature later today to clearly demonstrate our opposition to the Trudeau government’s April Fools Day prank of hiking the carbon tax on April 1, right when Canadians are already struggling with rising costs on everything from food and grocery stores to home heating to filling up our cars,” Premier Jason Kenney said Tuesday.

“These aren’t optional expenses or luxuries folks can do without. These are basic costs that people have when they live, work, and raise their family in this cold northern country.”

According to GlobalPetrolPrices, gas in Calgary rose to $1.92 on March 14, 2022, remaining around that mark for nearly a week — well above the provincial record pre-2022. When I went out for gas earlier today, it was still 167.9 cents per litre.

“Trudeau’s carbon tax hike is another body blow to Albertans,” Kenney continued, “taking money right out of our pockets and sending it to Ottawa when we can least afford it.”

Gas prices have become so unaffordable that they’ve forced the hands of the Alberta government to slash the provincial fuel tax on April 1. It’s a clear and costly defence against the federal government’s attack, trading off the revenue that could be used on provincial projects to fend off the consequences of Trudeau’s inflation momentarily.

Kenney made the announcement on March 7, when oil sat at approximately $118 per barrel. According to Kenney, the fuel tax rebate will apply whenever prices exceed $90 per barrel in the North American market.

Thus, this rebate will reduce gas prices by 13 cents immediately. However, Albertans are unlikely to notice, as Trudeau’s carbon tax is estimated to spike gas prices by 11 cents the same day — the change will, however, become immediately apparent to the rest of Canadians.

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