Canadian inspired honking overtakes lockdown China
As the Chinese citizens continue to protest their brutal COVID restrictions, videos have emerged of cars jamming up roads and honking in protest of their communist government. 

TCS Wire

November 29, 2022

As the Chinese citizens continue to protest their brutal COVID restrictions, videos have emerged of cars blockading roads and honking in protest of their communist government. 

Chinese take page from Canadian freedom convoy by honking

Cars can be seen at a standstill on one highway while citizens cheer in support from bridges and on the side of the road.

“Long live freedom!” can be heard by citizens cheering them on.

It appears the brave Chinese citizens are only getting started with honking. Protesters have taken to social media to promote a scheduled convoy-like protest on December 1st. 

The scheduled mass honking is reportedly in protest of the fire that broke out in one apartment where citizens, locked in from the outside by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), could be heard screaming in horror as they burned alive. 10 citizens reportedly died from being locked in their apartments, which is one of the CCP’s COVID restrictions in their absurd attempt to achieve zero-COVID.

“On December 1st, China’s national whistle operation,” tweeted one user, who lives in Germany, as Twitter is banned in China.

The strategy resembles the Canadian freedom convoy’s that took place in January and February. Since then, several other countries have adopted the same honking method of protesting. 

Citizens from the Netherlands used the method to protest against their government’s globalist environmental policies. Australians used the strategy to protest against their government’s authoritarian COVID restrictions.

The Chinese military appears to be preparing for a response to the protestors. Videos emerged of multiple tanks traveling on streets.

The CCP police are walking up to random people and grabbing their phones from them. One video shows police walking in a subway and taking everyone’s phones to search for their potential involvement in the freedom protests.  

On Sunday, in Canada, supporters showed up at the Chinese Consulate in Toronto and chanted, “Chinese people, resist! Liberty or die. Down with the CCP!”

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