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#WeMoveAsOne: Canadians plan nationwide protests to support Dutch farmers

Keean Bexte

July 19, 2022

Canadians are holding nationwide protests on Saturday, July 23, to stand in solidarity with Dutch farmers fighting for their livelihoods in the Netherlands.

Canadians plan nationwide protests to support Dutch farmers
Canadians plan nationwide protests to support Dutch farmers

Most (if not all) protests are being organized by Freedom Fighters Canada, who are using the hashtag #WeMoveAsOne to Tweet out updates on the new farmer convoy.

As for a brief list of just some of the cities that will see demonstrations, organizers have said they plan to drive through Ottawa, Toronto, Vaughan, Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Lloydminister, Montreal, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, making this truly a nationwide demonstration.

Moreover, farmers and truckers plan to do slow-rolls from city to city, expanding the scope further.

For instance, according to a Tweet sent out by Live From The Shed, which covered the Freedom Convoy protests, just the slow-roll in the GTA will pass through Bowmanville, Oshawa, Ajax, Uxbridge, Barrie, Innisfil, Newmarket, Orangeville, Cambridge, Milton, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto before the farmers converge at Vaughan Mills.

Additionally, it’s expected that many Freedom Convoy truckers will be in attendance, bringing with them semis, big rigs, and plenty of honking to the streets and highways

According to the Western Standard, a poster has also begun circulating, encouraging protesters to bring tractors and farm equipment and to “Bring a flag from the Netherlands, upside down as per request from the Dutch.”

As previously reported by The Counter Signal, Dutch farmers are currently protesting a climate policy that will put a 50% cap on nitrogen and ammonia emissions by 2030. Farmers are the primary targets due to the supposed impact of fertilizer use and livestock. It’s estimated that at least 30% of farmers will be forced out of business and will have to sell their land due to the policy.

“The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,” a government statement reads.

The Dutch government knows this and has positioned itself to purchase the land, which is highly dubious and has led to many claiming that this is nothing but a land grab.

As Dutch Legal Philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek explains, “What this is about is the Dutch government stealing our farmers’ land, and they’re doing this under the guise of a made-up nitrogen crisis that is basically going to put most of these farmers completely out of business… they’re doing this because they want these want these farmers’ land, and they want it to house new immigrants.”

“They also want it because the farmers are obviously standing in the way of the Great Reset plans that they have for us. Farmers are hardworking, God-fearing, and especially self-sufficient people that are just standing in the way of their globalist agenda.”

Canadians have every reason to be concerned about the development in the Netherlands, too, as Trudeau is implementing almost the exact same nitrogen emissions policy but setting the cap at 30% rather than 50%.

Indeed, what’s happening in the Netherlands is almost like gazing into a crystal ball for the rest of the Western nations being subject to radical climate change policies.

Thus, farmers sent out the call to action earlier this week in a now-viral video, asking farmers of the world to rise up for a Day of International Demonstrations. With those in Europe already protesting, and now with one-of-three nations on the North American continent planning to join them, it’s safe to say the farmers are getting what they wanted.

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