CBC president gaslights Canadians while preaching about disinformation
CBC president, who earns about half a million per year, believes executives deserve bonuses amid mass layoffs.

Mike Campbell

January 31, 2024

CBC president Catherine Tait refused to rule out awarding herself a substantial bonus this year, despite the broadcaster facing declining ratings, significant layoffs, and a backdrop of financial difficulties. 

CBC president gaslights Canadians while preaching about disinformation

The revelation came during a House of Commons heritage committee meeting, where Tait tried to stick-handle her way through what she called “so-called bonuses” and “at-risk incentive pay.” 

“It is not my decision to award performance pay. It is, in fact, the decision of the board of directors… We have another two months before we reach the end of the fiscal year,” she said, leaving the door open to the possibility of executive bonuses.

Tait further said that her “performance pay” (bonus) is based on her objectives, all of which she believes she met.

As of April 2023, the CBC President earns between $442,900 — $521,000, all paid for by Canadian taxpayers. With bonuses and benefits, she’s able to earn up to $623,900 per year.

Despite sucking up $1.3 billion annually from taxpayers, and refusing to rule out bonuses for executives, the CBC president recently announced approximately 600 job cuts. Tait said the decision was needed due to “rising production costs, declining television advertising revenue, and fierce competition from the digital giants.” 

Conservative MP Rachel Thomas and Liberal MP Michael Coteau both expressed concerns over the timing and appropriateness of executive bonuses, especially in light of the impending layoffs and the broadcaster’s financial woes. For example in December, the CBC announced the cancellation of their traditional New Year’s Eve countdown, citing “financial pressures.”

Tait doubles down on disinformation

Tait had the audacity to not only create a new term for “bonus,” but she also claimed that CBC is Canada’s number one protector against disinformation.

“The public broadcaster remains the single most effective tool that we have as Canadians to combat this disinformation,” she said.

Canadians think it’s biased

Two recent whistleblowers recently quit the CBC and denounced the network, claiming widespread bias.

Moreover, CBC printed memorable bits of misinformation and “Russia!” conspiracy theories in its 2022 Freedom Convoy reporting.

Fortunately, many Canadians have caught on. A recent poll showed that 45% of Canadians liked the idea of shutting down the CBC completely in order to save money.

Moreover, a whopping 40% of all respondents agreed that “Journalism provided by the CBC is propaganda on behalf of the federal government.” 

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