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Dutch protesters say the Canadian Freedom Convoy inspired them

TCS Wire

July 6, 2022

Several Dutch protesters say they were inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy and Canadian truckers earlier this year.

Freedom Convoy inspired Dutch protesters
Freedom Convoy inspired Dutch protesters

Speaking to TCS Editor-in-Chief Keean Bexte outside a protest last night, Dutch protester Sander said, “I think lots of people got inspired by the Freedom Convoy in Canada, way before, when the COVID protests started in Holland.”

“Lots of people followed the truckers in Canada,” Sander continues. “And some of those people are joining convoys in the Netherlands to support farmers, and some farmers are, of course, aware — especially truckers who joined convoys as well. They, especially truckers, followed the convoys in Canada.”

The next day, Bexte interviewed another Dutchman protesting outside the prison holding Jouke, a 16-year-old who was shot at by police before being arrested. Jouke has since been released.

“Did you see the protest in Canada?” Bexte asked.

“Yes, I have seen them,” he responded.

“Do you think it’s a similar situation [in the Netherlands]?” Bexte asked.

“Yes. For the majority, it’s the same,” the protester said.

Bexte then asked what the farmers wanted.

“The farmers want a stable future. A normal, stable future and not like [what’s happening now]. They buy the farm, and then [the farm] is gone. That’s a problem. They want to live.”

The protester also says that farmers hanging themselves after losing their farms is a crisis in the Netherlands right now.

He further states that the recent climate policy isn’t just affecting farmers. It’s affecting everything from agriculture to airplanes.

“Look to China. They don’t regulate emissions. They don’t. Why not look at them? Why look at your farmer? The farmer is the one who gives you the food.”

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