Edmonton Police admit crime is now out of control

After another random murder, Edmonton Police have admitted crime is so out of control that it’s “chaos,” and advised citizens to avoid interacting with anyone who gives them even remote suspicion. 

The public advisory follows a horrific Sunday night murder of 52-year-old Rukinisha Nkundabatware, a father of seven. Nkundabatware was randomly stabbed to death by a thug who was out on bail, violating his house arrest. 

On Friday, Detective Jared Buhler gave a grim warning to Edmontonians.

“Don’t become involved with any interaction with anyone who gives you any sense of uncertainty because you could literally end up with a knife in your chest.”

He added, “This was a sudden violent attack, and, shocking.”

27-year-old Jamal Wheeler has been charged with second-degree murder for the brutal and unprovoked stabbing.

Wheeler had a lengthy criminal rap sheet. He was out on bail and living in a tent near Belvedere Transit Centre, and was ordered not to be anywhere near an LRT station.

The mayor of Edmonton, Amarjeet Sohi, wrote a letter to federal justice minister David Lametti, begging for “immediate action” on bail reform.

“I struggle to comprehend why someone who could be a risk to others was released into our city without a plan in place to ensure they would not reoffend,” Sohi said.

Sohi further said that since 2020, 26 homicides have been committed in Edmonton by someone who was arrested for a violent offence and then released on bail.

“This is a crisis that requires your immediate attention,” his letter reads.

In May, Muorater Mashar killed an Edmonton mother and her child in another random stabbing. Mashar was living freely near the school he stabbed the victims at, despite having a lengthy history of committing violent crimes.

Mashar killed 35-year-old Carolann Robillard and her 11-year-old child, Sara Miller, just months after he’d committed a violent attack on a public bus, for which he was let out after serving just three months of prison time.

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