Environment Canada to invest in Bill Gates-inspired sun blocking technology 

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) released a 5 year plan aiming to curb climate change by investing in technologies that literally block out the sun — something that Bill Gates and George Soros have been encouraging for years.  

Environment Canada to invest in Bill Gates-inspired sun blocking technology 

The idea, as reported by True North, was outlined in the “Science Strategy 2024 to 2029” plan released by the ECCC.

The Liberals’ report reveals a plan to “Understand the potential for climate engineering and determine the implications of technologies that aim to deliberately alter the climate system, typically to counteract climate warming (e.g., solar radiation modification, marine geoengineering, carbon dioxide removal techniques).”

Environment Canada is also experimenting with cloud whitening, which uses sea salt to brighten the clouds above the ocean to increase electricity and reduce solar absorption. 

The consequences of manmade climate altering technologies 

Some critics claim that the use of aerosols in our stratosphere could make climate change worse, damage the ozone layer, or pose other unknown health concerns. 

The Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative warned that if the process suddenly stopped, it “could cause rapid temperature rise that would be disruptive to human society and be dangerous for many species.”

Other risks include changes to rain patterns, UV levels,  animal life cycles and plant growth. 

Others, like Daniel Schrag, director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, admit that the idea of blocking out the sun could be a terrible idea — but still insist that it’s needed. 

“Doing this sounds like a terrible idea, and it may be a terrible idea — except for the alternative, which is that we’re going to let the Earth roast,” Schrag said last year. 

Soros and Gates promote solar modification 

In 2023, billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros promoted the idea of using solar modification, which involves reflecting solar radiation away from the earth by injecting aerosols into the stratosphere.  

Gates previously funded a study at Harvard University that experimented with this method by using balloons to inject aerosols. However, the study was later shut down due to negative pushback. 

Soros has likewise expressed support for sun-blocking, claiming that “our civilization is in danger of collapsing because of the inexorable advance of climate change.”

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