EXCLUSIVE: Internal memo shows RCMP offering police $75,000 benefit to change genders
RCMP officers have just been informed that they’re entitled to a new “crucial” benefit: sex change surgery.

Keean Bexte

January 25, 2024

A recent leak to The Counter Signal has unveiled RCMP officers are now entitled to $75,000 towards sex change surgery. 

EXCLUSIVE: Internal memo shows RCMP offering police $75,000 benefit to change genders

Officers received a message from the RCMP’s Health Care Benefits team: “I am pleased to inform you that gender affirming care benefit provisions have been added to regular Member health benefits.” 

“Gender affirming care” is of course the term that refers to medical sex changes. It’s also used when describing giving puberty blockers to children who (perhaps temporarily) think they are in the wrong body, despite growing evidence that giving them such is harmful to their long-term health.

The memo states that the substantial new benefit towards transgender-related medical intervention is part “of our ongoing commitment to creating a more modern, inclusive and representative workforce.” 

“The benefit will be applicable for certain gender affirming procedures not covered by provincial/territorial health care plans to help individuals with their gender affirmation journey,” the memo states.

The criteria for eligibility are specific: officers must be 18 or older, under doctor’s care for gender affirmation, have exhausted provincial coverage, and have undergone all medically necessary procedures as determined by a physician or nurse practitioner. Pre-approval is required via a gender affirmation request form.

Effective retroactively to October 12, 2023, the policy aligns the RCMP with civilian members and Public Service employees who have been receiving similar benefits since July 2023.

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