Florida Republicans propose labelling WHO terrorist group
Some Florida Republicans want to label the World Health Organization a terrorist group given its use of the international pandemic treaty.

Keean Bexte

September 12, 2022

Some Florida Republicans want to label the World Health Organization a terrorist group which uses its international pandemic treaty to override nation-states during health crises. 

Florida Republicans propose labelling WHO terrorist group
Florida Republicans propose labelling WHO terrorist group.

Lee County Republicans in Florida have introduced several resolutions targeting the WHO and the FBI.

A resolution sponsored by Joe Sansone blasts US President Joe Biden for agreeing to sign the pandemic treaty. 

“Back in May, the Biden administration worked with WHO and attempted to amend the treaty granting WHO the power of global Martial law and the ability to force masks, lockdowns, and vaccinations, etc., in the case of a future pandemic,” Sansone told Florida Politics.

“Regarding WEF: They are much like a secular end times cult and believe the planet can’t sustain the human population and appear to be implementing a controlled demolition of human civilization. Klaus Schwab brags about penetrating governments with graduates of his young global leaders’ school in governments around the world.”

Any party member can propose a resolution, but it doesn’t guarantee the party will adopt it. 

“They are not necessarily a priority of the party until the party chooses to make them a priority,” said Jonathan Martin, chair of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee.

During May’s World Health Assembly, representatives across the world met to discuss the global pandemic treaty. 

“In consultation with member states, the secretariat has prepared a proposal for a more equitable, inclusive and coherent global architecture from the various reviews of the global response to the pandemic. The international accord which member states are now negotiating will provide a vital overarching legal framework under which we make ten recommendations in three key areas,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus. 

The treaty has received pushback in the US. Republican Senator Rick Scott introduced a bill to prevent its adoption. 

Another resolution by Sansone slams the FBI for its raid of former Republican president Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence.

“The FBI’s actions in the Jan. 6 protest as well as actions during the whole Trump administration has demonstrated the organization is a political arm,” said Sansone. 

The resolution claims that the agency is “weaponized against American citizens.” 

Asked about whether adopting the resolutions could be seen as taking extremist positions, Martin told Florida Politics the topics — including labelling the WHO a terrorist group — have only been raised.

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