We need your help to do what the CBC won’t.

In a very Orwellian turn, Ottawa police have announced that they plan to monitor and will respond to any “offensive” speech in Ottawa this week. What does that mean?

It means that Trudeau has put his government on high alert for anything that threatens his throne.

The Counter Signal is focusing all of our journalistic power on Ottawa this week. Any violation of our shared liberties during the events on Canada Day, we are going to be there to report the truth.

So far, we have seen that Trudeau has set up checkpoints, barricades and vehicle control zones on Parliament Hill. 

What kind of democracy does this on its national holiday? How far will he go this time?

Ottawa is quickly beginning to look like Red Square during a Cold War celebration of the October Revolution.

Please support our work by donating to our Freedom Fund, so that we can keep doing the honest work that the CBC refuses to do.

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