Hero veteran James Topp sues legacy media journalist for slander

Keean Bexte

September 22, 2022

Canadian hero and veteran James Topp has sent Global News a libel notice for calling him a white supremacist in an article published in August. 

Hero veteran James Topp sues legacy media journalist for slander (Photo courtesy of James Topp)

The notice mentions journalist Rachel Gilmore, Global News and Corus Entertainment Inc. as defendants. 

“The defamatory article, inclusive of the URL tag, referred to Mr. Topp as a white supremacist, among other things,” wrote lawyer David Elmaleh. 

“(It was published) without providing any evidence supporting their statements.” 

Topp marched across Canada beginning in Vancouver to protest government vaccine mandates. On his journey he met with several prominent politicians including Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre. 

“We conduct ourselves with dignity, strength, and endurance at all times,” said Topp at a stop in Ontario.

“[If] you’re having issues, get a hold of somebody. Make sure you have water and food, mind the traffic, [and] be safe. Keep your head up, don’t block intersections, and, at all times, look out for each other.”

When first published, the Aug. 18 piece titled “Good PR’: Why anti-hate experts are urging politicians to step up vetting practices” had the words “white supremacist far right” beside Topp’s name in the URL. 

“(Defendants) also included various ‘tags’ on the defamatory article, further implying that Mr. Topp is a white supremacist, extremist and member of the far right,” wrote Elmaleh. 

“Take notice that Mr. Topp intends to plead that the defamatory words were made deliberately, irresponsibly and with malice.” 

“The intended defendants knew that the defamatory words, and the innuendo arising from them, were false, yet expressed them in any event in order to generate headlines, expand the reach of the defamatory article and garner interest from as many members of the public as possible.”

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