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Prepare for breadlines: Joe Biden says US “food shortage” coming

Thomas Lambert

March 25, 2022

US President Joe Biden dropped an off-script bomb at the NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday after warning that food shortages were on their way. 

Biden told the media that food shortages are “going to be real” soon due to widespread sanctions on Russia and other nations as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. 

“We did talk about food shortages. It’s going to be real. The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia. It’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well,” said Biden. 

“Because both Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe in terms of wheat, for example.”

Biden’s comments were contrary to what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in the US.

“While we’re not expecting a food shortage here at home, we do anticipate that higher energy, fertilizer, wheat, and corn prices could impact the price of growing and purchasing critical fuel supply, food supplies for countries around the world,” Psaki said.  

“Ukraine is a big exporter of fertilizer. So as it relates to even that need in the United States and other parts of the world, that’s something that we’re continuing to closely assess as well.”

As reported by the Twitter account RNC Research, Biden also contradicted what he told Americans in 2020 before being elected. 

“We don’t have a food shortage problem — we have a leadership problem,” said Biden.

Are we entering a Depression?

Could Americans soon see Depression-era breadlines again should prices on fertilizer, gas, and water continue on their current trajectory?

Americans are already driving less due to rising gas prices — a trend that looks like it’s just getting started.

Immediately after being elected, Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have transported Albertan crude to refineries in the US.

Now that the USA is struggling with booming oil prices due to its sanctions on Russia, it has looked to communist dictators like Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro for help.

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