Journalist offered money to push ‘Russian human rights abuses’
American Rebel News journalist Jeremy Loffredo says he was offered money in exchange for sharing ‘Russian human rights abuses’ on his account amid Russia’s ongoing conflict with the Ukraine.

Rachel Emmanuel

October 18, 2022

American Rebel News journalist Jeremy Loffredo says he was offered money in exchange for sharing ‘Russian human rights abuses’ on his account amid Russia’s ongoing conflict with the Ukraine.

Journalist offered money to push 'Russian human rights abuses'
Journalist offered money to push ‘Russian human rights abuses’

Loffredo, an investigative journalist in New York City, has more than 19,000 Twitter followers. 

“A Ukraine flag account reached out to me with an offer,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I post mainstream media reports highlighting Russian human rights abuses and in return for engaging in the info war, I will receive cash payments.”

In the now-viral tweet, Loffredo shared a photo of the offer, which came from an account named Volodymyr Kuzma. 

The Counter Signal founder Keean Bexte has also been offered thousands to push pro-Ukrainian propaganda across his massive Twitter following. Bexte was contacted on Twitter by Kuzma, and offered $200 for each tweet in support of Ukraine.

Kuzma asked Bexte to tweet several times per week. He also said he already has other journalists on his payroll.

In a comment beneath Loffredo’s tweet, Australian Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini says he was given the same offer, accompanied by a photo of the exchange. Yemini has nearly 330,000 followers on Twitter. 

In a statement to The Counter Singal, Loffredo said the user had many accounts under the same name, most of which were made in 2022. 

“The account was disabled after I tweeted a screenshot of their message,” he said. “Probably messaging people under another name now.

Indeed, the account appears to be deleted. A search for the username on Twitter results with “This account does not exist,” though the username shows up in previous tweets. 

Loffredo also took a critical stance on the west funding Ukraine’s war efforts. 

“Aside from buying billions of dollars worth of missiles and weaponry, the U.S. taxpayer is evidently also paying for these half-baked info warfare operations which are probably run out of some Ukrainian NGO that got a piece of western aid package money,” he told The Counter Signal

Ukrainian forces are armed with US and NATO weapons given by western countries, who trained Ukrainian troops on the equipment. 

Speaking at the NATO leaders summit in Madrid in June, PM Justin Trudeau told the world that the best use of Canadian weapons is just to give them to Ukraine.

At a college campus event last week, far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was heckled for “voting to start a nuclear war” by sending military aid to Ukraine.

“Congresswoman! None of this matters unless there’s a nuclear war, which you voted to send arms and weapons to Ukraine,” one protester shouted.

Amid escalation, both NATO and Russia are holding nuclear bomb drills this month. Moreover, both groups have accused the other of ramping up nuclear bomb threats. 

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