Liberal Minister of Agriculture claims farmers are happy with the carbon tax

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay claimed that Canadian farmers support the carbon tax after he was challenged by a Conservative MP to axe the tax so that food prices can come down. 

Liberal Minister of Agriculture claims farmers are happy with the carbon tax

MacAulay, referencing the damage that Hurricane Fiona caused in Eastern Canada, said “It destroyed farms, it killed cattle…. It cost an enormous amount of money. It’s quite obvious we have to do something about the environment. And we are doing something about the environment.”

MacAulay concluded, “And I know my honourable colleague is well aware the farmers stand with us to do something about the environment.” 

Conservative MP John Barlow responded, “I’m glad the Minister of Agriculture still believes that farmers support the carbon tax. He’s in for a rude awakening.”

“The Prime Minister can reduce the cost of food right now by axing his inflationary carbon tax which is driving up costs on farmers, on processors, on truckers, and on Canadian consumers,” said Barlow.

“How much will Canadians have to pay to feed their families when he quadruples the carbon tax?”

Most Canadians think carbon tax does nothing for climate change

A recent survey by Nanos Research indicates that two-thirds of Canadians believe the carbon tax is unnecessary right now and ineffective at tackling climate change. 

Last year, Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs told The Counter Signal that the Liberal government is hiking the tax-on-everything carbon tax while Canadians struggle like never before with skyrocketing prices for essentials like food and fuel, heating, and housing.

“The independent, non-partisan Parliamentary Budget Officer calculates the GST collected on carbon taxes at more than $200 million each year, which goes straight into government coffers,” she said.

“The worst part is the carbon tax doesn’t even do what its proponents claim. It was never really a theoretical debate.”

Stubbs further said that BC has the longest standing, highest carbon tax, but its emissions increase every year.

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