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More international politicians dogpile on Trudeau

Thomas Lambert

April 1, 2022

More politicians on the international stage have spoken out against Trudeau over the last week, as well as thanked truckers for showing courage during the Freedom Convoy protest.

Member of European Parliament Christine Anderson, who previously called Trudeau a “disgrace for any democracy” in front of the entire EU, went up to bat for truckers again, calling them bold and courageous for standing up to Trudeau.

“People are rising to defend freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. And they’re doing so despite “democratic” governments’ desperate attempts to shut these protests down by forbidding them, intimidating protestors with brute police force and water canons, criminalizing governments’ critics, even going so far as to [arrest] them,” Anderson said.

“And out of all of these movements,” she continued, “it is the Canadian truckers that stand out and shine brightest. Because it was the Canadian truckers, their boldness, their courage, their determination to stand up to their government, and it was they who inspired so many others all over the world to finally come together to be determined to put a stop to governments’ tearing down the very foundation of our democracies.”

She further states that the truckers gave her hope and let her know that she, along with everyone else protesting mandates, is not alone.

On March 29, Australian Senator Alex Antic brought up Canada and how World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab beamed as he admitted he had “penetrate[d]” Trudeau’s cabinet.

“To quote Schwab himself when speaking about the Canadian parliament, ‘We penetrate the cabinets. I know that half [of Trudeau’s] cabinet, even more than half, are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. It’s true in Argentina; it’s true in France — now with the president, who’s a Young Global Leader.'”

“The World Economic Forum promotes globalist issues, such as climate change, so-called systemic racism, sexism, and creating an online digital identity. However, closer inspection reveals that the World Economic Forum is an anti-capitalist, anti-free-market organization that seeks to subvert Western values and political processes.”

Trudeau isn’t getting a more favourable reception back home, either.

Just two days ago, Conservative MP Rachael Thomas said that many Canadians believe he may be a dictator, too, based on its definition.

“According to the Oxford Dictionary, a dictator is a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force,” she said while speaking in parliament.

“There are many Canadians that would believe — that would hold the view — that this does apply to the Prime Minister of Canada.”

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