Navy releases sensitive operational info in a cry for help
Royal Canadian Navy says recruitment has been a disaster since just before Trudeau was elected

Mike Campbell

November 28, 2023

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) released a shocking video on social media where they broadcasted to the world that many of Canada’s ships aren’t operationally capable and staffing is only at about 60% capacity.

Navy releases sensitive operational info in a cry for help

The five-minute YouTube video is titled “The critical state of the Royal Canadian Navy.” 

“The RCN faces some very serious challenges right now that could mean we fail to meet our Force Posture and Readiness commitments in 2024 and beyond,” the video’s narrator stated.

“The RCN is in a critical state, with many occupations facing shortages at 20% or higher.”

Screenshot from RCN’s “Critical state of the Royal Canadian Navy” video, November 28, 2023

It went on to lay the blame for the staffing shortage on the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group for failing to recruit for the past 10 years, which started just before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office.

“That is why the highest priority for the RCN is attracting, recruiting, and training sailors to the occupational functional point to hold our trained effective strength at its current level,” says the video voiceover.

“We may not achieve this target this year, and we won’t reach it next year. We must absolutely start to increase our workforce.”

Of particular note, Marine Technicians (MarTechs) are only at 60% – 67% capacity across most ranks. 

“While our overall attrition is generally good, a MarTech leaves us every two days,” the voiceover continues. 

“Our West Coast fleet is beset with a shortage of qualified techs, constraining our ability to maintain and operate our ships, and causing us to prioritize the Halifax class at the expense of the Kingston class.”

Trudeau mocked for recruitment disaster 

Earlier this year, Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant utterly eviscerated the Trudeau Liberals for their short-staffed military and abysmal recruitment numbers.

“Recruitment is cratering under this Prime Minister because Canadians know the truth,” she said. 

“How can you have a national defense if the Prime Minister believes we live in a post-nation state?”

Gallant’s comment is a reference to Prime Minister Trudeau’s 2017 comment that Canada is just that – a “postnational state.” 

“These Liberals believe Canada is a racist, colonial oppressor state. When radical extremists pull down statues, this Prime Minister sides with the vandals,” she continued.

Gallant added, “He’d rather apologize for the country than celebrate it.”

“What message do you think that sends to potential recruits?” 

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