Ontario COVID death rate among vaccinated and boosted surpasses unvaccinated

Keean Bexte

April 5, 2022

While media outlets continue to shill for booster shots and a return of mask mandates, the Ontario COVID death rate per capita is now higher among vaccinated people than unvaccinated.

Firstly, it should be noted that the Ontario government has begun conflating those who are unvaccinated with those who’ve received one dose in certain statistics. Thus, many rates pertaining to the unvaccinated should be proportionally lower.

As of April 5, those who have not received two doses of the COVID vaccine have a COVID death rate of 0.02 per capita, as do the fully vaccinated. However, those who have received booster shots have a COVID death rate of 0.03 per capita.

All figures are extremely low. The purported death rates have practically flatlined. And the moderate difference in death rates would likely be considered negligible if supposed vaccine efficacy hadn’t been politicized to justify keeping vaccine and mask mandates in place.

Additionally, those with a booster dose are also more likely to be infected with COVID-19 than any other group. Today, those with booster doses have 22.35 cases per capita, fully vaccinated have 15.47 cases per capita, and partially vaccinated or unvaccinated have 12.75 cases per capita.

Perhaps more alarming and statistically significant are the hospitalizations and ICU visits in the province.

As it stands, there are 184 unvaccinated patients in the hospital but not in the ICU. However, there are 671 fully vaccinated patients and 32 partially vaccinated patients. Unfortunately, the data does not distinguish how many fully vaccinated patients have received a booster dose.

Similarly, there are 33 unvaccinated patients and 68 fully vaccinated patients in the ICU.

By all metrics, those who are unvaccinated appear to be better off, at least in Ontario.

However, it’s worth repeating that these figures are extremely low. And as The Counter Signal reported earlier this week, less than 10 per cent of Canadians contracted COVID-19 throughout the pandemic, and the overall death rate of those who did, indiscriminate of age, was only 0.0993 per cent, slightly worse than the annual flu.

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