Accused pedophile professor gets killed by semi in Banff

TCS Wire

June 1, 2023

A professor at Calgary’s Mount Royal University who was charged with possessing and distributing child porn has died after walking in front of a semi-trailer on the Trans-Canada Highway.  

Accused Pedophile professor gets killed by semi in Banff

Rocky Mountain Outlook reports that Banff RCMP confirmed that the man’s death appears to have been a suicide.  

Mark Troy Burnett, 51, died on Monday.

Burnett, a Harvie Heights resident, was arrested on April 20 for possessing, distributing, and accessing child pornography. His arrest came after an investigation by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams’ (ALERT), as well as the Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE).

Burnett was an associate professor of geography at  Calgary’s Mount Royal University.

A Mount Royal University spokesperson said they were “unaware of his death and the criminal charges he was facing prior to media reports [Tuesday].”

Following his arrest, Burnett’s home was raided and computers were seized by police.

“Preliminary forensic preview identified more than 35,000 child sexual abuse photos and/or videos,” said ALERT’s communications director, Michael Tucker.

“The 51-year-old man was charged with distribution, possessing, and accessing child pornography.”

When Burnett first appeared in court on May 10, he entered no plea. His case had a second June 7 date scheduled in Canmore court. 

Burnett leaves behind a wife and two children. 

As previously reported by The Coutner Signal, a disgusting report from 2021 showed that the CIA spent 14 years covering for their employees and contractors who were accused of committing sexual crimes involving children.

Hundreds of internal documents revealed that only one of the perpetrators was ever charged for his crimes, while at least nine others managed to escape justice at the behest of the intelligence agency. 

The abhorrent details involve sexual contact with children as young as 2-years-old and 6-years-old. The worst punishment these twisted perverts received was getting fired from their job or lost contracts. 

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