Peterson calls Trudeau “WEF Puppet”
Jordan Peterson slams Trudeau by calling him a WEF puppet.

Mike Campbell

January 17, 2024

Dr. Jordan Peterson took a shot at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday while lamenting over Canada’s descending state of freedom.

Peterson calls Trudeau “WEF Puppet”

The author and Daily Wire host made his comments after discovering he lost his free speech court battle against the College of Psychologists of Ontario (again). 

Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre scolded the College’s decision on social media, calling it an “outrageous attack on free speech as regulators try to force Peterson into a reeducation program for expressing the politically-incorrect views.” 

In response, Peterson piled on: “The next Prime Minister of Canada (are you listening, WEF puppet @JustinTrudeau?) weighs in.” 

Coincidentally, one of the comments that Peterson was found guilty of making by the College was towards Trudeau himself.

None of the complaints issued to the College were from current or former patients of Peterson. 

In a special to the National Post on Wednesday, Peterson called Trudeau a “woke poster boy and shining narcissist,” adding, “A man who has done more to destroy my country than anyone else, in reality and reputation, nationally and internationally (and that includes his father, who was no shirker in that regard).” 

Where to go from here?

With the court’s final decision on the matter, Peterson said he’ll play along for a chance to discover just what the social media training entails. He’s previously said he would record the training.  

“Bring it on, you bloody pikers: take your next steps, bureaucrats: write me, and tell me how exactly we are to conduct my re-education,” he said.

What were the complaints?

One complaint was for Peterson’s comments on The Joe Rogan podcast on Covid-19 vaccines. 

“He is operating outside the domain of expertise, using title as psychologist as a means of conveying information which is harmful to public,” read the complaint.

The same individual complained about Peterson’s social media usage “directed at the prime minister using language that is unprofessional and embarrassing to the profession,” while also saying an exchange Peterson had with former Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts was “threatening, abusive and harassing.” 

Another complaint states, “Peterson encouraged people to commit suicide on Twitter.” The complaint pertains to a response Peterson sent to someone claiming the world is overpopulated. 

“You’re free to leave anytime,” Peterson said.

Another complaint took issue with Peterson for appearing “to call Catherine McKenney, an Ottawa City Councillor who uses they/them pronouns a ‘thing.’”

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