Premier Moe tells Environment Minister to ‘Come get me’
Scott Moe dared Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault to “come get me” if the CN Tower scaler opposes the utilization of coal for power beyond 2030.

Mike Campbell

May 18, 2023

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe threw down a challenge to Environment Minister and  CN Tower-scaler Steven Guilbeault to “come get me” if he has issues with using coal for power after 2030. 

Premier Moe tells Environment Minister to ‘Come get me’

Moe and Guilbeault have been exchanging barbs for weeks.

Earlier this month, Moe said Saskatchewan might ignore the upcoming clean electricity standards dictated by Guilbeault and the Trudeau Liberals.

Guilbeault subsequently fired back at Moe, saying that by failing to shut down coal-fired power plants past 2030, he would be violating the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (EPA) framework — and that would be a Criminal Code offense. 

Moe responded to Guilbeault’s threat on Thursday.

“If where we’ve come to in this country is where individuals flick their lights on or their furnace fan kicks in and that’s deemed illegal for someone to go to jail?” 

“Come get me,” he said.

Moe further said that an affordable and reliable power system in the province might require coal-fired power plants. 

Moe has argued that Guilbeault’s plan to demand net-zero electrical grids by 2035 would lead to absurdly high bills for Saskatchewanians, even saying the cost could be 4x as high. 

Scott Moe condemns Trudeau Liberals for their threats

Moe has felt threatened by the Trudeau Liberals for a variety of issues of late.

Last month, Moe and Alberta Premier Danielle Smith both condemned the federal Justice Minister for saying he might rescind the Natural Resources Transfer Agreements (NRTA).

The NRTA from 1930 saw the feds transfer control over natural resources to the provincial governments of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. 

Justice Minister David Lametti said he was “looking at” rescinding the agreement.

Moe said Lametti’s comments were “outrageous.” Moe also demanded Prime Minister Trudeau “immediately” put Lametti in his place. 

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