Projected food shortages imminent, Trudeau says
Justin Trudeau told Canadians to prepare for food shortages just days before hiking the carbon tax.

TCS Wire

April 1, 2022

Justin Trudeau told Canadians to prepare for food shortages just days before hiking the carbon tax.

Of course, as with everything, Trudeau is already blaming any potential food shortage on COVID-19 and, unsurprisingly, Russia.

When asked what average Canadians can do in the face of overwhelming inflation, Trudeau said, “We’ve seen from the global pandemic to the war in Ukraine significant disruptions of supply chains around the world, which is resulting in higher prices for consumers and democracies like ours, and resulting in significant shortages and projected shortages of food and energy in places around the world.”

“This is going to be a difficult time,” he continued, “because of the war, because of the recovery from the pandemic. And Canadians will do what we always do: we’ll be there for each other.”

What a laugh. Just today, Trudeau increased the carbon tax by an additional 25 per cent, immediately causing the price of fuel to artificially rise across the country by at least $0.11 — the same day he gave himself and other politicians a raise of tens of thousands of dollars each.

It isn’t just food that the carbon tax will artificially make more costly, either: it will affect everything. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the war in Ukraine, Russia, or COVID. It’s Trudeau’s pet policy gone wild and could be scrapped instantly to protect Canadians facing impoverishment.

As MP Shannon Stubbs wrote, “Talk about a disconnect. The Liberal government is hiking the tax-on-everything carbon tax while Canadians struggle like never before with skyrocketing prices for essentials like food and fuel, heating, and housing. It’s no wonder so many Canadians are skeptical of governments and don’t trust politicians to listen and act on their concerns.”

Disconnect indeed. Trudeau’s giving himself a raise to hedge against inflation while Canadians’ thoughts are on the possibility of waiting in breadlines. And he has the audacity to claim that we’re all in this together.

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