Quebec Premier asks Trudeau to bus overflow of refugees “equitably” across Canada
Quebec Premier sent an official letter to Trudeau stating the asylum seeker “situation has become unsustainable.” 

Alexa Posa

January 18, 2024

Premier Francois Legault claims the province has reached a “breaking point” as an overwhelming number of asylum seekers continue to show up in Quebec’s airports. 

Quebec Premier asks Trudeau to bus overflow of refugees “equitably” across Canada

The Premier sent an official letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday stating “the situation has become unsustainable.” 

Legault requested Trudeau consider busing the asylum seekers across Canada to make for an “equitable” distribution across the provinces. 

“Quebec has done more than its fair share,” he said.

He further asked Trudeau to tighten the federal policies Canada has for permitting visas to asylum shoppers — many of whom come from Mexico.

Strain on resources

From January to November 2023, Quebec was hit with almost 60,000 new asylum seekers, putting significant pressure on services, Legault said.

“Asylum seekers have trouble finding a place to live, which contributes to accentuating the housing crisis,” the letter said. “Many end up in homeless shelters, which are overflowing.”

Legault also mentioned that schools are already lacking space and teachers, and the children of asylum seekers are causing even more strain on resources. 

In October alone, Quebec spent $33 million to provide about 43,200 asylum seekers financial aid, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

Last year, the Trudeau government finally shut down Roxham Road, the infamous illegal point of entry for asylum shoppers. However, the Quebec Premier’s cry for help on Wednesday shows that migrants are simply flying into Canada and claiming asylum upon entry. 

Canada’s immigration plan 

In November, the Immigration Minister Marc Miller made clear that Canada intends to welcome 485,000 thousand new permanent residents in 2024, and 500,000 in 2025. 

Although Legault is requesting an equitable distribution of refugees across Canada, a November 2023 poll revealed that 75% of Canadians feel high immigration is responsible for the current housing crisis.

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