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Radical climate change activists blockade BC highways

Mike Campbell

June 13, 2022

A group of radical climate change activists has re-started blocking highways in British Columbia, and they claim the blockades will only get worse.

Radical environmentalists blockade BC roads
Radical environmentalists blockade BC roads

Save Old Growth — an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion — claims they’re a group dedicated to saving forests in BC and stopping climate change. Members are open about their demands and post their blockades on Twitter.

“Disruptions will continue every day until the BC government acts to protect its people and passes legislation to ban all old-growth logging across the province,” their Instagram page reads.

“We only have 2.7% of productive old-growth forests remaining in BC. That is f*cking absurd. 82% of people in BC want a ban on old-growth logging, and the government is not listening,” they state in a separate post on their Facebook page.

 “Come to Vancouver. Come to the Island. Blockades Return June 13th.”

Naturally, the blockades annoyed drivers trying to get to work. 

This is the same group responsible for multiple blockades earlier in the year, as well as other forms of disruption.

For example, the group interrupted a soccer match in BC, with activists running onto the field and tying themselves to goalposts. One woman wrote a message on their breasts about the world ending.

“1022 days left, then it’s too late.” 

The group’s website documents all the press coverage they’ve received, info session dates, and an open letter to the BC government:

“It is clear from the last year alone that the climate crisis is upon us,” the letter reads.

It further states that disruptions will be halted only when the government bans all growth logging.

One of the group’s coordinators, Zain Haq, says, “we need to go all out on this” and that things will only get worse unless their demands are met.

Last year, after David Suzuki threatened to blow up pipelines, Haq backed him up. 

“Not only will pipelines be blown up, but we can be certain that world leaders will be put on trial for treason or worse — be killed,” he said

“Although Extinction Rebellion activists are non-violent, we cannot control the actions of those outside of this movement who may commit acts of violence.”

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