REPORT: National Inquiry Condemns COVID Measures in 5000 page report
The NCI report listed the unequivocal negative impacts from the vaccine resulting in a myriad of harmful effects.

Jeremiah Church

December 2, 2023

In a report released on Wednesday, the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) delivered its final report on the COVID-19 response, slamming draconian COVID measures.

REPORT: National Inquiry Condemns COVID Measures in 5000 page report

Officially released last Tuesday, the NCI finally released its highly detailed gargantuan 5,324 page report. Headed by four non-partisan academics, the report was written based on their observations derived from the inquiry, an analysis, and recommendations for government actions for the future.

Experts, doctors, neurologists, surgeons, epidemiologists, immunologists, scientists, economists, nurses, lawyers, pastors, journalists, teachers, students, coroners, former military personnel, vaccine injured, and Canadians of all walks of life testified under oath before the commission to bear witness to their experiences over the COVID-19 “pandemic.”  

Starting in the spring of 2023, over 300 witnesses testified in locations across Canada over the span of 24 days, in which citizens detailed their tragic stories of persecution, loss, and injury.  Experts delivered their findings and testimony to the commission, effectively damning the government COVID narrative that still plagues Canada even to the present.

“Immediately halt the use of experimental mRNA-LNP gene therapy injections for COVID-19 prevention.”

Essentially halting all use of the COVID-19 vaccines, the report reads, “The current use of COVID-19 genetic vaccines in Canada that were authorized under the revised provisions of the Interim Order and the newly revised Food and Drug Regulations should be stopped immediately.”

The report also recommends that the government must cease granting legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers, writing that there should be, “No removal of liability protections against [vaccine] manufacturers and regulators.”

In high detail, the report listed the unequivocal negative impacts from the vaccine resulting in stillbirths, deaths, disability, injury, and brain damage among the myriad of bodily effects outlined in the report.

The commissioners wrote, “The reality is that the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines was not known at the time that they began to be administered to Canadians, and many Canadians were severely injured and killed as a result.”

“…the alarming number and diversity of disabilities induced by the COVID-19 genetic vaccines are unquestionable,” reads the report.

Dozens of witnesses testified on their permanent and often incurable injuries, prompting the authors to suggest, “Victims have to be compensated more readily. We also recommend that the government set up a special centre to take care of the vaccine-injured.”

The NCI also calls for an end to the arbitrary PCR testing saying, “Pause on the use of RT-PCR or rapid antigen testing when it is not accompanied by a thorough medical evaluation of disease symptoms.”

Inquiry recommends criminal investigations into CBC and Mainstream Media for hate speech and terror.

The report also details the reasoning and recommendations to essentially strip the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to its fundamental functions and dismiss all senior management and on-air staff for the dissemination of propaganda.

“An investigation into the actions of the CBC and privately held media companies in Canada must be undertaken to determine criminality under the current hate speech and terrorism laws in Canada,” the commission summarizes. 

Continuing, they also say, “It was the relentless stream of hate, propaganda, and terror which was responsible for much of the damage done.”

They also demand all government support and payouts to media organizations be “stopped immediately.” 

Additionally, commissioners recommend that social media platforms “must” stop censoring Canadians online.  

Taking aim at the infamous Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the NCI suggests, “The role of the CRTC must be reviewed, and the CRTC possibly abolished…”

Further recommendations stress civilian oversight

The NCI commissioners in particular stress civilian oversight over government, medical, and educational institutions in order to avoid the tyrannical overreach witnessed during the pandemic.  

Prudently, they suggest creating independent civilian-led boards and commissions to reform and review medical colleges, judicial appointment processes, and vaccine and pharmaceutical safety.  Adding to this, the commission recommends that there must be independent oversight during emergencies.

Investigations into human rights violations and criminal investigations

Quoted in the report, expert witness and previous pandemic preparedness expert Lt. Col. Redman explains the political incompetence saying, “All of the premiers failed to do their own research to gain a deeper understanding of the pandemic‘s true threat.”  Lt. Col. Redman was of course alluding to the draconian measures taken that oppressed the masses.

However, the report clarifies that,“Public authorities bear responsibility for the response to the pandemic and the perpetuation of fear. Accountability should be enforced.”

Therefore, the report calls for the immediate creation of a judicial panel,  “…overseen by citizens, with the responsibility to investigate the human rights violations that were committed by both governments and private corporations during the pandemic.”

To add to this, the NCI also calls for the creation of a, “…comprehensive and independent public inquiry into its pandemic response measures. This inquiry should have the authority to compel testimony and access relevant information. It should identify responsible parties for any human rights violations and recommend appropriate remedies.”

As well as calling for an investigation into the possible criminality into the authorization of the COVID vaccine, the NCI says, “There must be a criminal investigation of the manufacturers and distributers of any of the vaccines that were administered to the public under false and misleading information.”

“It cannot be business as usual. The crimes perpetrated on every single one of us must be addressed,” say commissioners.

The inquiry gives a chilling conclusion to the report, bluntly emphasizing the magnitude of the tyrannical measures taken by governments.

“The testimony objectively demonstrates that an unprecedented attack was carried out on the basic rights, freedoms, and way of life of Canadian citizens. Not since World War II have so many lives been lost due to measures imposed on Canadians by their government,” explains the report.

The inquiry highlights the damage the government inflicted on Canadians, saying conclusively,  “The pandemic was a textbook case of the collaboration of government and industry to subvert the democratic institutions and convince the citizens of the validity and truthfulness of a narrative that was objectively false from the start.”

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