Roxham Road Revealed


You may have heard of Roxham Road, the illegal border crossing point where migrants walk from New York state into Quebec and claim asylum in Canada. 

Roxham Road first came onto the public radar in 2017 when Justin Trudeau posted tweets about how everyone trying to enter Canada would be allowed in. Now, over five years later, there are shocking new revelations about this illegal point of entry.

According to the government’s data, the RCMP intercepted 39,171 asylum seekers in Quebec in 2022, compared with 369 in the rest of the country. 

Over one hundred people cross illegally into Canada at Roxham Road every day. Although we call them asylum seekers, they are mainly would-be economic immigrants who are skipping the line.

When one of these asylum seekers sets foot on Canadian soil, Canadian taxpayers become responsible for their lodging, food, transportation, legal aid, healthcare, and overall well-being.

Oh, and not to mention their welfare cheques, which are costing Quebec an additional $20 million dollars a month. The number of asylum seekers receiving welfare cheques in Quebec was 12,958 in 2021… but that ballooned to 37,754 in 2022. 

The problem is only going to get worse now that New York City mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, is handing out free bus tickets to Plattsburgh, NY, so that Latin American migrants in his city can make their way up north to Roxham Road and cross illegally into Canada.

RCMP officers and locals at Roxham Road told the Counter Signal so much more.

The additional tens of thousands of people that are just walking into our country are putting pressure on Canada’s healthcare services, shelters, and housing supply, at a time when these systems are already crumbling due to overdemand. 

Who is giving these asylum seekers a key to Canada’s back door?

Watch the documentary now.

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