STATE OF EMERGENCY: Arson suspected in multiple Alberta wildfires

Alberta has declared a state of emergency amid an unprecedented wave of wildfires — while skeptics wonder not if, but how many were intentionally set by eco-terrorists pushing climate hysteria.

STATE OF EMERGENCY: Arson suspected in multiple Alberta wildfires

As of Monday, Alberta has had 405 wildfires in 2023, which more than doubles the total from all of 2022. 

On Monday, Premier Danielle Smith asked the federal government for help in dealing with the emergency. Ninety-eight fires are active in the province.

With the Alberta election coming May 29, social media users speculated if radical eco-terrorists are trying to push their climate agenda.

On April 30,  Alberta RCMP arrested John Cook, a resident of Cherry Grove. Cook, 29, was charged with 10 counts of arson. Police began investigating suspicious wildfires in August 2022, as well as a church and a post office in April.

Moreover, on Wednesday, Parkland County’s Twitter account said that 4 fires in five days were suspicious. 

“We need your help! Our firefighters have responded to 4 fires in 5 days that appear to be intentionally set, north of Hwy 16 between Rge Rd 30 and Rge Rd 32,” the account said.

It added: “We are asking residents to report any suspicious behaviour to RCMP by calling 9-1-1. There is a full fire ban on.”

Meanwhile, a woman is at large after an attempted arson of a church in Barrhead on May 1. Photos show the woman just outside the church with a jerry can.

According to Alberta’s government webpage, at least 43% of the 2023 wildfires were started by humans. The cause of 53% of the wildfires hasn’t been determined — meaning it’s possible that 96% of the wildfires in 2023 were started by people.

Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard (

Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard (

Two years ago, a different woman was charged with 32 counts of arson in central and northern Alberta. Police charged Audrey Elaine Dunham after an “in-depth investigation into a series of suspicious wildfires in the Bonnyville and Lac La Biche areas.” 

Last week, a women-in-fire training exchange program accidentally set Banff National Park ablaze after a prescribed burn went “out of control.”  

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