Trudeau cabinet member identified as CCP-backed candidate
Trudeau recently promoted a cabinet member that was identified as a CCP-backed candidate.

Mike Campbell

December 29, 2023

Liberal cabinet minister Mary Ng has been identified as having received support from Communist China in the 2019 election, according to The Bureau.

Trudeau cabinet member identified as CCP-backed candidate

This latest report created via the testimony from a Canadian Security Intelligence Services agent states that Ng was one of the eleven candidates who were propped up by the CCP. 

The alleged influence from the CCP includes several forms of espionage including secret funding.

Cooper states the revelation comes from CSIS whistleblowers who wish to remain anonymous.   

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently promoted Ng to a cabinet position, where she serves as Canada’s International Trade Minister.

The development comes after a bombshell report in November 2022, which indicated the CCP secretly funded at least 11 candidates in Canada’s 2019 federal election. 

Secret recording shows Trudeau-appointed senator simping for China

The report also uncovered a recording that reveals Liberal senator Yuen Pau Woo pledging to shield individuals who are supported by Communist China’s “United Front” from scrutiny and suspicion.

The United Front is a political strategy by the CCP that involves networks of groups and key individuals that promote the CCP’s interests.

”I’m very worried that the mainstream in Canada, including a lot of my friends, political leaders, and business leaders and media leaders, are falling into a very dangerous trend, what I call a litmus test,” said Woo on the audio tape.

“For example, your views in Hong Kong, your views on Tibet, your views on Uyghurs, your views on South China Sea, whether you belong to an organization that is officially part of the United Front. You know, many organizations are listed as part of a United Front list of organizations.”

Woo added, “whether you belong to an organization that happens to be listed as a United Front organization should not be a litmus test.”

A Liberal Party financier who attended a cash-for-access fundraiser for Trudeau in 2016 is under investigation for having ties to China.

The CCP has also been linked to bribing Canadian media, notably those who work for Chinese-Canadian outlets in Vancouver and Toronto.

No allegations have been proven in a court of law.

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