The WEF wants you to accept “pain” of climate change policies

Norwegian Finance CEO and WEF speaker Kjerstin Braathen says that people should expect “pain,” inflation, and “energy shortages” due to the World Economic Forum and the UN’s climate change agenda. But don’t worry. It’s totally “worth it.”

“We need to accept that there will be some pain in the process,” Braathen said.

“The pace that we need [to end climate change] will open up for missteps. It will open up for shortages of energy. It will create inflationary pressures, and maybe we need to start talking about that — that that pain is actually worth it.”

“Because if we don’t, there’s no business case; there’s no economy; there’s no welfare. But so far, I think we have been a little bit careful actually talking about the pain in the short term that is likely to come from this very important change.”

While Braathen proclaimed that people need to accept “pain” and “energy shortages,” those attending the World Economic Forum are living it up. Indeed, most, if not all, arrived on private jets and have been spotted cruising the streets of Davos in limos and Mercedes Benzes from Zurich.

As many have noted, there’s no shortage of hypocrisy at the WEF, where the global elite meet to scheme how to reduce their citizens’ carbon footprints while brazenly showing disregard for their own carbon footprints.

Indeed, according to the World Inequality Lab’s 2022 report, the wealthiest 10 per cent (i.e., those attending the WEF) are responsible for more than 50 per cent of all carbon emissions, with the top 1 per cent being responsible for more than the poorest 50 per cent.

As researchers Kevin Anderson and Isak Stoddard note, “Although such numbers reveal important insights, they risk masking how climate change is not simply a problem to be fixed, but an acute symptom of a highly unsustainable political economy.”

“…. A key form of power lies in the technocratic and top-down worldview that shapes debates, controls institutions and entrenches the dominant political paradigm. Largely unchallenged it defines international climate negotiations and repeatedly delays the transition away from fossil fuels,” they continue.

Despite this, those who manage and introduce climate change policies around the world are uninterested in answering questions from independent journalists, with both True North’s Andrew Lawton and Rebel News’s Avi Yemini having their interview offers rejected by all those they approach.

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