WHO admits vaccines won’t end the pandemic

On November 24, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus admitted that the vaccine does not prevent transmission; and thus, the pandemic and pandemic policies cannot end.

“Vaccines save lives, but they do not prevent transmission,” Tedros said during a COVID briefing.

“Data suggests that before the arrival of the Delta variant, vaccines reduced transmission by about 60 per cent. With Delta, that has dropped to about 40 per cent.”

Wait, so why was it claimed that vaccines were 97 per cent effective at preventing transmission when they were rolled out? Weird.

“If you’re vaccinated, you have a much lower risk of severe disease and death, but you’re still at risk of being infected and of infecting others,” he continued.

“We cannot say this clearly enough: even if you’re vaccinated, continue to take precautions to prevent becoming infected yourself and from infecting someone else who could die.”

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. You can still get it, you can still spread it, you can still die, so this is never-ending. The vaccine will not end the pandemic, there will still be deaths, and the WHO is still recommending masks and lockdown policies.

Besides telling us that the vaccine is essentially a scam, and the pandemic is never going to be over, Tedros took the time to scold Africans across the continent for not being jabbed enough, as African countries have some of the lowest rates of vaccination in the world.

“In my home continent of Africa, many countries are off track to reach the 40 per cent vaccination target by the end of the year,” Tedros said.

“Many people who should have been vaccinated in low-income countries are missing out and are at greater risk of serious illness or dying.”

“It’s not just about who we reach with vaccination. It’s about who we miss.”

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