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WOKE scientists are attacking Canadian STEM

Ian Miles Cheong

January 19, 2022

Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson highlighted an effort by woke Canadian scientists to subvert the STEM research process through “DEI/EDI” or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

Jointly driven by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the effort, which is hosted on the Government of Canada website, calls for the following goals to be met by participating agencies:

  • Supporting equitable access to funding opportunities for all members of the research community

  • Promoting the integration of equity, diversity and inclusion-related considerations in research design and practices

  • Increasing equitable and inclusive participation in the research system, including on research teams

  • Collecting the data and conducting the analyses needed to include equity, diversity and inclusion considerations in decision-making

“Through these means the agencies will work with those involved in the research system to develop the inclusive culture needed for research excellence and to achieve outcomes that are rigorous, relevant and accessible to diverse populations,” the website explains, with resources that include a massive 2018-2025 action plan

As further detailed by Peterson, the “frequently asked questions” page offers a list of guidelines for integrating DEI into Discovery Grant applications and even explains why even research topics with no relation with DEI need to address the subject.

“Read it and weep,” wrote Peterson. “The delusional virtue-signalling sociologists are going to utterly decimate the politically naïve engineers and hard science practitioners. It will take about ten years.”

One of the questions asks: “External scientists are not necessarily trained in EDI. How is their evaluation taken into consideration?”

The “answer” reads as follows: “According to our sources, for the 2020 competition, external scientists generally provided very little feedback on the quality of EDI consideration in grant applications. Most often, they simply pointed out whether or not the applicant addressed this point.” 

The program requires that participating scientists and engineers provide self-identification data, which is “needed to monitor gender equity and diversity of applicants, trainees and selection committee members in NSERC’s programs.”

Per the FAQ on self-identification, “This data provides information on the diversity of the population applying for and receiving agency funds and participating in peer and merit review.“

One of the questions asked of applicants is a question on “gender identity,” which allows applicants to identify as gender-fluid, man, nonbinary, trans man, trans woman, Two-Spirit, and woman. 

“Gender fluid” is defined as “a person whose gender identity or expression changes or shifts along the gender spectrum,” and Two-Spirit is “a term used by some North American Indigenous people to indicate a person who embodies both female and male spirits or whose gender identity, sexual orientation or spiritual identity is not limited by the male/female dichotomy.”

Applicants are also required to answer questions about their sexual orientation, which include asexual, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, lesbian, pansexual, queer, and Two-Spirit. 

Other questions include “indigenous identity,” “members of visible minorities,” and “population group,” as well as disability, and spoken language.

“If you do not want to self-identify, you have the option to choose ‘I prefer not to answer’ for each question. You must select this option and save your responses for your questionnaire to be marked as complete. Doing so fulfills the mandatory requirement for completing the questionnaire,” the guide explains.

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