Worldwide trust in vaccines way down since COVID

Vaccine trust in Canada has declined by 8% since the government’s COVID psyop — and most countries show significant reductions.

Vaccine trust has taken a hit since COVID

After multiple jabs failed to prevent infection, transmission, or symptoms against the intended target for many — all while authorities insisted the vaccines were “safe and effective” — the public appears more skeptical.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reports that 52 out of 55 countries have seen dips in their citizens’ reported vaccine confidence.

“Data collected before and during the COVID-19 pandemic indicate declines in the perception of the importance of vaccines for children in many (but not all) countries for which data are available,” the report reads.

Since COVID, the percentage of Canadians who trust childhood vaccinations has dropped from 90% to 82%.  

Several countries indicate massive declines in vaccine trust since the COVID vaccines were mandated, then failed to stop infection. South Korea showed the biggest reduction of all countries surveyed, going from 92% vaccine confidence to 48% over just two years. The US dropped by 14%, from 93% to 79%. Japan dropped by 33%, down to 54%.

Last week, Albertan law professor Tim Caulfield lamented about the UNICEF report. “Deeply disturbing,” he said. “The harm of misinformation.”

Caulfield has received millions from the Trudeau government to fight vaccine misinformation and encourage vaccine confidence. 

On Friday, Caulfield pointed readers to an article by The Conversation, an outlet that’s also received federal funding to promote vaccine confidence.

Data shows Canada had way more Covid deaths in 2022, with a 85% vaccinated population and a less deadly Covid variant than in 2020, with 0% vaccinated.

Moreover, recent research from Phinance Technologies shows that disability claims in the US have skyrocketed since the Covid vaccine rollout.

Health Canada still recommends healthy unvaccinated 5-year-old kids get the COVID shots even if they have natural immunity.

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