Alberta NDP pledge to Somalify school system
Alberta’s New Democrat Party pledged to offer a Somali curriculum for Alberta schoolchildren if elected in the upcoming provincial election. 

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March 21, 2023

Alberta’s New Democrat Party (NDP) pledged to offer a Somali curriculum for Alberta schoolchildren if elected in the upcoming provincial election. 

Alberta NDP pledge to Somalify school system

NDP MLA Sarah Hoffman asked the United Conservative Party’s Education Minister why there isn’t a Somalian curriculum in Alberta schools like there are French classes and German classes.

“Today we announced, if elected, the @albertaNDP will create a Somali curriculum for Alberta schools. @AdrianaLaGrange & the UCP had four years to do this; why didn’t they prioritize it? Alberta’s diversity is our greatest strength and should be reflected in our curriculum. #abed” Hoffman later tweeted.

UCP’s Education Minister Adriana LaGrange responded to Hoffman by saying local school boards are equipped to address particular student needs including language courses. 

“We celebrate every community,” LaGrange said.

Based on replies to Hoffman’s promise, Albertans seem genuinely stunned by the bold play just two months before the election. Hoffman’s tweet was ratioed with critics pointing out that being gay is illegal and punishable by death in Somalia, and that Somalian is not a language that will lead to in-demand job opportunities. 

Another replied to Hoffman, telling her it’s Somalians’ responsibility to integrate into Canadian society, rather than the other way around.

NDP politicians have a penchant for inane ideas. 

Last year, a federal NDP MP suggested ending Canada’s national sport to fight climate change.

“Is indoor skating ice even necessary anymore? Can every ice sport be done without ice and different equipment?… just pondering the climate impact of human-made indoor ice,” NDP MP Bonita Zarrillo wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Premier Danielle Smith — who was a UCP candidate at the time — mocked Zarrillo for the comment. 

Alberta’s provincial election is set for May 29. A March 3 poll from Abacus Data shows the NDP and UCP are neck and neck.

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