Antifa-sympathizing NDP projected to win fewer seats than Quebec separatist party

A 338Canada polling update shows the Bloc Québécois are projected to win more seats than the radical New Democrat Party (NDP).

Antifa-sympathizing NDP projected to win fewer seats than Quebec separatist party

The November 12 update projects that if an election were held today, the Quebec separatist party Bloc Québécois would win between 26 – 39 seats, compared to the NDP taking just 12 – 35.

The NDP has become an extension of the Liberal Party on the one hand, and a far-left extremist party on the other. The NDP’s ethics critic, Matthew Green, recently praised the far-left group known as Antifa — the radicals who hide in black hoodies and masks, violently assault people they disagree with, and call for abolishing police and prisons.  

At the NDP’s national convention in October, the host told attendees looking to ask questions to line up according to their gender and ethnicity. The NDP even assigned yellow cards to everyone who wasn’t White or male so that they could hold them up while in line and gain access to the front of the line. 

The NDP’s federal leader, Jagmeet Singh, faced a mandatory leadership review at the convention and survived it with 81% of delegates’ support.

CPC still leads

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) maintains a strong lead over the second place Liberal Party of Canada.

If an election were held today, the CPC would win a projected 167 — 226 seats, which would put them in a strong position to fill the 170-seat requirement to form a majority government.

The Trudeau Liberals remain significantly down in the polls compared to their last 2021 election win, when they won 160 seats. Currently, the Liberals are projected to win between 55 — 112 seats.

The polling website currently gives the CPC a 93% chance of forming a majority government.

The sheer number of Canadians who dislike Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become so hard to ignore that even the Toronto Star is reporting on it.

An October Angus Reid poll showed that the majority of Canadians want the scandal-plagued PM to step down.

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