BREAKING: Landmark protections for vulnerable kids in Alberta: surgeries banned

Mike Campbell

January 31, 2024

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced her plan to introduce policy changes related to vulnerable youth targeted by the transgender-lobby in a monumental win for parental rights, women’s rights, and children’s rights.

Health-related changes

In what was a widely anticipated announcement, Smith said that children do not have the capacity to make life-altering healthcare decisions.

The Alberta Premier said the UCP’s new policy will ban minors aged 17 and under from being eligible for top and bottom transgender surgeries (breast or penis removal). Moreover, puberty blockers / hormone therapy will not be permitted for youth 15 and under (other than those who have already started).

Education-related changes

Smith further said that parental notification and an opt-in requirement by parents is required if teachers intend to give formal instruction on gender identity, sexual orientation or human sexuality.

Moreover, the Premier said that ministry approval is needed for all third-party resource materials that woke teachers and school boards have infiltrated into K-12 schools.

Numerous schools throughout Canada have LGBTQ+ ideology plastered on hallway bulletin boards and inside classrooms, and many far-left teachers use their own non-ministry approved materials to indoctrinate children with gender ideology at very young ages.

As for the pronoun issue in schools, and whether parents have a right to know when teachers use gender-swapped pronouns on their kids, Smith announced two policies: for students 15 and under, parents must consent to pronoun changes; for 16-17-year-olds, parents must be informed of the changes.

Sports-related changes

Smith moved onto the issue of sports, noting that young women and girls are experiencing disadvantages against biological males who identify as female.

“There are obvious biological realities that give transgender female athletes a massive competitive advantage over women and girls,” she said, adding, “It is not beneficial for those women.”

Smith said the UCP will work with sporting organizations to ensure women and girls are able to participate in a women’s only division.

As for what category transgender women can participate in, Smith said they can join a co-ed division, “or other gender neutral divisions” can be created.

UCP delegates strongly approve

Premier Smith had already indicated she believes in having a strong emphasis on family involvement in educational decisions, particularly concerning personal and sensitive matters like gender identity.

At the UCP convention in November, Smith said “Parents are the primary caregivers and educators of their children.” Of all the issues discussed at the two-day event, this statement garnered the loudest applause from party delegates.

Some adult members of the transgender community have voiced their support for the focus on protecting vulnerable kids.

Alberta NDP members have quite predictably voiced their concerns over the pending policies, accusing Smith of targeting vulnerable children. Rachel Notley responded to Smith’s Wednesday announcement by calling the policies “hateful.”

Moreover, the NDP’s federal counterpart recently said that “trans kids” are one of the most vulnerable groups in Canada and even promoted giving them quick access to puberty blockers. 

Science does not support giving minors medical interventions

Of course, not everyone accepts the concept of “trans kids,” especially given the fact that most minors who believe they are in the wrong body later realize they were simply confused. 

Moreover, a recent study suggests that giving puberty blockers to “trans kids” may lower their IQ, along with several other negative effects — including making them sterile.

Another recent study revealed that transgender women (biological males) who take “gender-affirming” hormones face a 95% higher risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.

Majority believe parents have a right to know

A July poll by Angus Reid shows that 86% of those surveyed believe parents have the right to know when their child wants to be identified with different pronouns. 

The Counter Signal invites all parents and concerned Canadians to add their name to a Thank You card to Premier Danielle Smith

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