Canadian Air Force members rip down tampon dispenser in men’s bathroom

A picture has surfaced on social media showing a ripped down tampon dispenser in a Canadian Air Force men’s bathroom. 

Canadian Air Force members rip down tampon dispenser in men’s bathroom

Social media account Veterans 4 Freedom (@Vets4FreeCanada) posted a picture showing the development, indicating that at least one of the men thinks of the Liberal’s new policy.

“Sent to us from [Canadian Forces Base] Trenton.  This is a picture of a men’s washroom, think maybe the Troops are tired of being humiliated by the woke nonsense?” the account posted, attaching a picture that showed a number of holes in the wall where the dispenser used to stand. 

The incident comes just after the Trudeau Liberals mandated that tampons be placed in men’s bathrooms in all federally regulated buildings, a move that earned international headlines and mockery.

The federal Liberals 2022 budget for Canadian Armed Forces had funding for such, given that they included $100.5 million for “gender identity” culture change and training in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Recruitment and wokeness negatively correlated 

Critics have suggested that Canada has wokeified its military with (racist) “anti-racist” values, and gender ideology, leading to a lack of enthusiasm among people who are willing to die for their country.  

In May, Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant scolded the Liberals for their short-staffed military and abysmal recruitment numbers, blaming Trudeau for referring to Canada as a “post-nation state.”

The Royal Canadian Navy more recently released a shocking video on social media where they broadcasted to the world that many of Canada’s ships aren’t operationally capable and staffing is only at about 60% capacity.

On Wednesday, The National Post’s Tristian Hopper noted how the latest edition of the Canadian Military Journal focuses almost exclusively on a “culture change” that’s needed within the military, including a “feminist intersectional trauma-informed approach to reimagine and transform CAF culture.”

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