CBC feature promotes dating trans on apps

CBC promotes dating trans on apps

CBC has a feature on YouTube and Snapchat that teaches viewers — most of whom are likely teens and young adults — how to date trans people and when to get sexual.

CBC promotes dating trans on apps
CBC promotes dating trans on apps

“You’ve matched with a gorgeous, gorgeous trans person on your dating app of choice, and now it’s time to send the opening message. It’s no secret that first impressions are everything. So, what’s the right thing to say?” says the host.

In the feature, interviews with various trans people then take place, where they advise about what the opening lines should be and normalize gender dysphoria.

Jay (they/them) says: “A good opening line for me would be something that references my profile – I find people don’t read people’s profiles enough.

“The best ones are the ones that, like, catch you off-guard…”

Gav S (she/they) says: “People are people. Trans people are just a different kind of people. And anyway you approach anyone should be respectful. And interesting.”

“The key thing is, if you want, like, a hot tip, ask a question. Something that invites a conversation. Because if you just, give me a statement. Or worse, you just say, ‘Hey, you’re hot‘ like, there’s nothing to bite into.”

They also stress how it’s essential to avoid getting sexual — at least when it’s right off the bat.

Sam (They/Them) says: “Some people will get like almost really sexual off the start – like I got this one time, this one guy, he decided to send me, ah, 15 genital pictures. In different angles. Why do I need 15 pictures, like, are you trying to create a stock motion movie, dude?”

Jay (they/them): “I would say the unsolicited dick pictures are probably just like, the worst things to have to go through because it’s like, well, what do I do with that?”

Gav S (she/they) says: “So if I say like, ‘I’m queer, I’m non-binary, I work in games, I have interest in film, I write, you know, just anything that’s about me, I’d love for them to comment on it. They’re always the best. The ones that don’t (go) straight into, you know, wanting to get into bed with me or something.”

They also have a “big sex talk” feature, with a “sage sex expert” answering questions.

For example, one question is, “I’m a straight dude attracted to a trans woman. Does this make me queer?”

Their answer: Queer might be a label for you, as it is non-heteronormative behaviour. However, queer is a joyful label, so you choose it if it brings you joy.”

While this material is free for anyone to view, you have to wonder what it’s doing on a social media app where teens and young adults make up the majority.

In fact, most Snapchat users are between 18-24 (39%), while about 11% are 13-17 years old.

Of course, social media gets criticized for targeting teens and young adults with all kinds of content. For example, the Toronto Star reported that drug dealers target teenagers and “groom them to buy products they might not normally try,” and companies need to do more to protect minors.  

Indeed, the push by far-left groups to normalize gender dysphoria and even promote irreversible surgeries for minors appears to be growing.

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